Bannai Shokudo Kyoto shop


Gourmet Report

I went to Kyoto Ramen Koji to eat ramen this day. I ate a variety of ramen in the Kyoto Ramen Koji so far, but what I chose this day was “Bannai Shokudo” of the Fukushima Kitakata ramen. Kitakon Ramen is a ramen restaulant that sells char siu and pork bone-based salty soup.

I entered the store around 7pm.
There were three or four table seats in the shop, and an L-shaped counter seat.

The menu includes Kitakata ramen (680 yen), grilled pork ramen (970 yen) and grilled grilled pork rice set (980 yen). It seems that half rice (100 yen) is offered free of charge at lunch time. This time I ordered the Kitakata ramen (average) 680 yen.

The price of ramen is about 900 yen in almost all shops of the KYOTO RAMEN Koji, and I think that the ramen of 680 yen of Bannnai Shokudo is a conscientious price setting.

I ordered it and after a while, the Kitakata ramen which I had been waiting for has been carried.

Kitakata Ramen of Bannai Shokudo

I felt a glance, five slices of char siu on top of ramen, leeks, Menma. This shop is very good to see from the viewpoint of the cost performance that there are five large pork slices of grilled pork even without ordering the Char Siu ramen. I wish other restaulants to imitate this restaulant.

I’ll try it immediately.
The Char Siu has a strong taste and is delicious. This is a char siu with a lot of fat. This is the author’s favorite!

The soup was transparent, and the taste was a simple soy sauce flavored salt soup Even if it was a pig bone base.

And the noodles are curled noodles, and the soup is well entwined and delicious.

I drank up the light soup and ate completely! I thought that this taste was delicious even if I ate it after sake.

Author’s score・・・90points!!


Shop name Bannai Shokudo Kyoto shop
Location 〒600-8216
901 Higashishiokoji-cho, Karasuma-dori Shiokoji-dori Kudaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Kyoto Ramaenkoji Store, Kyoto Station Building 10F
Access Approx. 3 min. walk from JR Kyoto Sta.
Business Hours 11:00~22:00(L.O.21:30)
Regular Holyday None
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