Chinyu Kadono-oji Shijo shop


Gourmet report

Chinyu Kadono-oji Shijo shop's Ramen


I entered the Chinyu near the Shijo Kadono-oji intersection at about 12:30 Noon. Chinyu is a shop from Ichijoji’s ramen battleground. There is a white wall so that the inside cannot be seen at the entrance, and only the food ticket vending machine is put. The store looked like I could put about 30 people in a cursory look, most of which was counter-seat. It may not be suitable for families.

Ramen was a typical back-oil-based soy source ramen. There was a ramen sauce on the table from 1950, and I was able to eat ramen delicious. Even the person who dosn’t like the back oil can eat it deliciously. (But someone who eats ramen with the source becomes a little thirsty.)

The location of the shop that there is “Yokozuna” in the West and “Rairaitei” in the South, is unexpectedly a battleground of ramen. I think it’s fun to compare the different ramen shops and find your favorite flavors.

Author’s score・・・85points!!


Shop name Chinyu Kadono-oji Shijo shop
Location 〒615-0057
30, Saiin Higashi Kaigawa-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Access ・3 min. walk from Kyoto City Bus “Kadono-oji” stop
・650m southwest from Randen Yamanouchi Station
・1 km west of Hankyu Saiin Station
・No parking lot
Business Hours 11:00~24:00
Regular Holyday None
Official Site