Chinyu Ichijoji main shop


Gourmet report

I went to Chinyu on the Ichijoji Ramen street. It is about five minutes walk to the north from the city bus Takano station. The shop was on the right side of the road.

Appearance of the shop
Appearance of Chinyu Ichijoji main shop

Menu of Chinyu Ichijoji main shop

Because there seemed to be no rice of the single item by looking at the menu, I chose the Hanchan set meal ¥880 this time. (When I looked at the menu carefully, the shop said that it would be a free service to students with a boiled egg or a noodle size increase!)

I did not notice until now, and equipped with 15 parking spaces. It is a fine number. I arrived at the store just around noon. I entered the store and took a seat immediately. I of one guest was guided to the counter seat. There were about fifteen counter-seats in the restaurant and three tables.

It was my first time in this shop, so I did not order them in detail, but I ordered them all in general. Apparently, it seems to be able to specify the amount of back oil and the amount of leek. It may be a connoisseur to enjoy the ramen of their choice by specifying various.


Chinyu Ichijoji main shop's Ramen

It is this ramen that came out. This is the so-called back oil soy sauce ramen. But it’s not just the flavor of soy sauce, would the chicken gala soy sauce? The noodles are fine straight noodles, and the roast pork is soft and tasty, but it’s too thin. Because it is a taste of ramen which is common in Kyoto, it is not fresh, but it is usually delicious.

Then, the garlic of the spice is a style to crush raw garlic by myself. I took a little time, but the garlic which I just crushed smells well. It’s good to crush two or three slices together.

The half fried rice is a little unsatisfactory to an adult man, but the taste was very delicious.

The price of 880 yen in the set of ramen and half fried rice has an impression that is somewhat advantageous. Recommended for students.

Author’s score・・・84points!!


Shop name Chinyu Ichijoji main shop
Location 〒606-8184
24 Futsuden-cho, Ichijyoji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Eizan Railway
Get off at Ichijoji Station and walk 5 minutes.

City bus
Short walk from “Ichijyoji Takatsuki-cho” bus stop.
Get off at “Takano” bus stop and walk north for 5 minutes.

Business Hours 11:00~24:00
Regular Holyday None
Official Site