How are you, everyone? This is the defeated soldier. There are the Inner and Outer Shrines of the Moto Ise Same in Fukuchiyama City, and on previous New Year’s visits, for example, I made a record and drank amazake (sweet sake). Well, let’s continue the story.

The eight million gods had gathered together all kinds of things, and they all came and gathered in front of the Heavenly Iwaya-do (the cave of the gods).

Futodama-sama dug up the entire roots of the heavenly Kaguyama mountain, and offered the top branch with an eight-forked jewel, the middle branch with an eight-meter mirror, and the bottom branch with a white and blue washi (shironigite and aonigite), holding a piece of makaki (sacred sakaki) in his hand on the futomigura, while Amenokoyane, the ancestor of Nakatomi Kamatari, presented the blessings in the form of an o-noto (decree), a futonoritogoto (decree).


The deity Amenotajikarao stood hidden by the side of the Heavenly Iwaya-do.

Ameno-uzume-sama, wearing a heavenly lizard (ivy) as a sash, and a kazura made from the vine of makaki on her head, stepped on the vat that lay face down in front of the Iwaya-do, and with a grand prayer of Amenokoyane, became possessed by the deity, plucked out two breasts and pushed the untied strings of her garments down to her hips.

Takamagahara was boiling and roaring to life. The eight million gods laughed in unison.

Amaterasu Omikami, aware of the commotion outside, thought it was a strange thing, opened the Heavenly Iwaya-do with a slit in her eye, and spoke. She said “Takamagahara has become pitch-dark by itself because I have gone into hiding, and everything in the Land of the Reed Plains (which, according to one theory, is also called the world in which we live and this world) is also pitch-dark. Why does Ameno-uzume enjoy herself so much and play so beautifully, and why are all the eight million deities smiling? ”

Amenow-zume responded, “We all rejoice, blossom, laugh, and have fun because we have a God who is even more precious than you.”

(To be continued.)

Amaterasu Omikami





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