Located a little off the main street of Shijo, Kyoto, this tea house is just outside the Mikado Gate of Bukko-ji Temple. It is tea house Suisen Takatuji main shop.

The look of tea house Suisen Takatuji main shop.

Saryo Suisen Takatsuji Honten Exterior Part 1

Inside the quiet atmosphere of the restaurant, which is located on the first floor of a building, it has a tasteful appearance like a townhouse.

Saryo Suisen Takatsuji Honten Exterior Part 2

The restaurant, modeled after a tea-ceremony room, overlooks a tuboniwa garden, where time passes leisurely under the gentle light of the room.

The look inside the restaurant (transferred from Facebook)

Saryo Suisen Takatsuji Main Store Interior

Feeling such a quiet and peaceful atmosphere with my whole body, I ordered Kyoto sweet like this this time.

Warabi rice cake, Kyoto-Uji, with gyokuro stem hojicha tea

Warabi rice cake, Kyoto-Uji, with gyokuro stem hojicha (1,100 yen)

In fact, I had just eaten at one of the places before eating this, but it was still tasty enough to fill me up. What can I say? It is very soft and easy to eat Warabi rice cake. Anmitu (red bean paste) was also included in the package, and it tastes great without it because it has the kinago (soybean flour) flavor. I can have as many of this as you want.

Other sweets like these are also available!


Matcha Awa Yuki Koori Polar

Matcha Awa Yuki Koori Kyoku (1,650 yen)

The volume of this dish was enormous, as it was a “kiwami” (extreme) dish. The snowy, bubbly ice was soaked with the flavor of sweetened milk and was very tasty. Huge-sized match warabimochi, dumplings, anko (red bean paste), and matcha ice cream, topped with match ice and awa yuki ice (a sweet made of green tea and snow), is very extravagant dish, or rather, a first-class sweet treat!

In addition to sweets, you can also dine here on a meal set like this one.

Yuzu-scented Kyoto udon noodles with starchy sauce of aburi-kitsune and mushrooms

Yuzu-scented Kyoto udon noodles with starchy sauce of aburi kitune and mushrooms(1,200-yen, 920 yen from 11:00 to 14:00)

Yuzu-scented, aburi kitsune and mushroom ankake kyo udon noodles with accompanying rice.

The tea house Suisen Takatuji main shop also offers a wide variety of other dishes. If you have the opportunity, please visit here.

Tea house Suisen Takatuji main shop

  • 〒600-8098
    Kyoto City Shimogyo Ward Takatujij Street Todoin Higasi-hairu Inari town 521 Kyoto Takatuji Building 1st floor
  • TEL: 075-278-0111
  • URL:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Business hours: 10:30-18:00 (L.O. 17:30)
    Regular holidays: no holiday
    Opening hours and holidays are subject to change depending on the circumstances.
    Please inquire to the shop for details.
  • Facility:
    Seat capacity: 32 seats (only table seats)
    About smoking: No smoking
  • Payment:
    Electronic money
    QR code payment
  • Public transportation:
    For customers walking to the shop
    5-minute-walk from Subway Karasuma Line Shijo Station 5 exit.
  • For car users:
    There is no parking so please use the coin parking nearby.





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