The latter part: the exclaim of life without its name.

We have no way to be saved.
We don’t have such a thing like tomorrow.

I have heard of sometime and somewhere of the existence of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to save us living in this world full of sufferings in this world. However, I don’t believe in such a thing. I have never believed in, and surely will not believe in them. It is because I have never met them at least once in my life since I was born. They, such as Buddhas or Bodhisattvas look at only certain people and don’t look back on us suffering in the lower rank’s society.

Buddha and Avalokitesvara in the Darkness

We must create buddha statues, build temples, or copy sutras in order to gain benefits. It is only if doing so that they correspond to the belief, give us relief in this world, and guide us so that we can reborn in the world of ease after we die.

Think carefully whether there is such a silly story.

How do you think that we without financial power can do such things?
How do you think we barely making end meets can do such things?

I wonder, after all, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas give their benefits to only aristocrats with financial power. And they don’t reach out to those of us living in the lower ranks society at all because we don’t have anything such.

Those who are really suffering are all of us living there.
Even so they say we all must die without reaching out to such us?
They say we all must fall to the hell?

Image of Hell


Don’t joke, you hypocrites!

Eventually, it is so.

After all, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are the only being giving lights to certain people.
We without something, must suffer and agonize in this world and die like this.

…..Under my fading consciousness, I waited the last time slowly.


When died, I was fallen to the hell, and will receive blame for a long time there. To I who continued to commit unforgivable sins, to I who got helplessly dirty, to I full of dirtiness, there must not be salvage.
I felt in the darkness that my body and soul drawn to the further darkness.

There is no salvage for us. No, it is OK without it forever…

I was in the darkness, feeling my body, my soul being dragged further into the darkness.

There is no salvation for us. No, we don’t need it anymore, forever…….

And I will sink to the darkness of emptiness slowly. With tranquil sadness and despair against living in this world.

“The first movement” (End).





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