Nice to meet you, everyone.
My name is “defeated soldier”.

I live in a little south of Sannomiya Shrine which enshrines Ugayafukiaez-no-mikoto, the grand shrine of the Matuo Grand Shrine, the general deities of the Kamo Shrine in the east and the Matuo Grand Shrine in the west, which are famous for the old saying in Kyoto “strict spirits in the east and fierce spirits in the west.”.

Sannomiya Shrine
Sannomiya Shrine (Transferred from Wikipedia)


I recently started my work at Shishin, I am studying words or computer work. I am not far from perfect, but thank you in advance for your corporation.

My hobbies are visiting shrines, reading books to learn about the Japanese gods, and joining hands and clapping oak hands at shrines to thank the gods. Ugayafukiaez-no-mikoto is also said Amatuhiko-hikonagisa-takeugayafukiaez-no-mikoto.

Here Kyoto is the place where Heike family, defeated in the Genpei wars, flourished in ancient times, and Heike family is said to be the lineage of Emperor Kammu, the deity of Heian Shrine. The Heike, wearing red flags and red hachimakis against the white flags of Genji, dived into the sea with the young Emperor Antoku at the Battle of Dannoura, where many Heike warriors perished. Kiyomori Taira, who lived a prosperous life, is enshrined at the Wakaichi Shrine in Nishioji Hachijo.

My company is located in Shijo-Omiya and I have a dream that I would like to have a friendly conversation with the people working there about Japanese gods, warriers, generals, and great men associated with Kyoto.
Thank you in advance.





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