This is Kurama Tengu.^^

The season for autumn leaves has begun.
Did you already go to fall-leaf hunting?

I went to take photos of autumn leaves in the direction of Genkoan in Takagamine last weekend (2022/11/20).
The timing was that it is a little before the best time to see.

As I could take so-so good pictures, I will post them on the website page “The sightseeing spots in Kyoto” the later day.

As for the course, I strolled from Genkoan to Koetu-ji Temple and saw another temple with autumn leaves in front of me at the exit.

Entrance of Ensei-ji Temple

It is Ensei-ji Temple.

Autumn leaves at the entrance of Enseiji Temple

At the entrance, there were such a respectable autumn leaves colored with pure red.
I thought I could take good picture here and went ahead with expectation.


Signboard of Enseiji Temple

Stone monument of Enseiji Temple

I wonder this is a Nichiren-sect temple?
I don’t have much distinction although I made many temple-visits.

And at the entrance.
What an appearance! Lots of foliage inside.

Gate of Enseiji Temple

However, it is written that photography is not allowed in Sandai!(>_<)。。。

So, the photos are end at this point, but I enjoyed the sceneries of autumn leaves inside.
It was up to I thought the trees in the entire premises and the entire trees are colored red.

I thought I was already in the world like the Paradise Jodo and Shangri-la.

The view was spectacular.

When you visit Genkoan or Koetu-ji Tenple, I think it is a good idea that you visit here. But I could hear the sutras being read at this temple, and it is not the temple not seem to be a main tourist attraction, so be careful not to bother the monks or other people involved in the temple.



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