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G … g … g … g … eg. It’s great.

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I’m fiercely, no, super-impressed right now. I have never seen a book on Buddhism that is so easy to understand. It is a truly wonderful book that will let you go to the enlightened world of ease the moment you read it. It can be said that this is just the best introductory book on Buddhism.

Do you want to know how the book is? Well, I’m sure you do. Then I’ll tell you. That’s what that book is all about!!!


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It’s coming, it’s coming. To the world of enlightenment, here we go!



Maeda Sengaku and Nara Yasuaki, commentary, “Nakamura Gen: The mind of mercy” (2022. San-in Cho Shimpo, Inc.).

Maeda Sengaku and Nara Yasuaki, commentary, “Nakamura Gen: The mind of mercy” (2022. San-in Cho Shimpo, Inc.).

What is Buddhism? How the teaching they are? You can find them soon if you read this book. It is made to be read quickly and easily. Buddhism is the teachings explained by Sakyamuni, the Buddha: the awaken from the darkness of suffering. The words preached by the Buddha are written concisely on each page, with commentary.

For example, such things are written on page 126.

A person with wisdom can live even if he or she loses his or her property. But without wisdom, even those who have wealth “actually” do not live. (Buddha)
People cannot live without property. But they do not live for their possessions. The Buddha explains that the ideal of human beings is to live in peace of mind and happiness with others by regulating one’s ego-desires. That wisdom is linked to the true purpose of life.

Thus, it is a wonderful bool that summarizes the Buddha’s teachings very clearly, page by page.

Words are alive. The life of words lives on in us and will continue to sustain us as we live in the present. The existence may disappear, but the words remain and it acquires a kind of eternity. It is hope.

That’s why anyone can surely become a Buddha if they are exposed to the Buddha’s words in this book and put them into practice in their daily lives. Everyone can make them at ease without fail.

Like the great Buddha Boss.

Clip art of Buddha

Do not kill living things by comparing them to you, thinking, “They are like you and you are like them”. And let no man kill another. (Buddha)
For the Buddha, all living beings are fellow beings who are animated by the same truth. “Drawing others to oneself” is the starting point of compassion, the path that allows oneself to stand and others to stand. This poem is also Buddha’s word for peace and non-war.

You are indeed an awaken one, Buddha.
Good sense.





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