The first chapter: The first flowering of the lotus flower of the Buddha’s Dharma

Padma, the land of earthly paradise. The sacred biography of “The Great Nyoraizo Jodo” is shared among people living that land that views the entire universe, the earth itself as Sakyamuni Buddha. And as the primary foundation of this sacred biography, the teachings of the Buddha, the first Buddha who has appeared in this world, are shared.

People in the past and now live their daily lives by carefully following the teachings preached by the Buddha. First of all, this teaching exists as a rope that connects people to each other.

Sakyamuni Buddha, the great Buddha who sits at the center of the universe and see and protect all of us. The earth is the body of the Buddha, and its ground is the ground of Buddha.


It was when the land was still bare and empty. One day, the Buddha appeared there as a human being with a physical body. The Buddha planted the seeds of flowers of Buddhist law in order to save people on this ground, cultivated the earth, watered it, and after six years of hard work, they blossomed beautifully.

The teaching is called the Four Noble Truths and is shared among many people.

One: the suffering in this world (truth of suffering)

Images of mothers and children living through suffering

There are many sufferings because the real world is impermanent.

・The suffering of birth, aging, various diseases, and eventual death.

・The pain of separation from loved ones: The suffering that you must depart from your loved ones without fail.

・The pain of meeting people one dislikes: The suffering that you must meet the people you grudge and hate.

・Suffering from lack of hope: The suffering that you cannot get what you want and what you seek.

・The Five Wonders of Suffering: Our inability to separate ourselves from sensory attachments is itself a suffering existence.

Two: Then, why do we suffer? (Collection of Holy Truth)


The root of all suffering, it is attachment to self.
Attachment to people, things, or a particular idea, and pride that one is the one who is right.

All of these are based on an obsession with oneself.
And what the attachments create is the earthly desire.

The earthly desires, they are a mental action that troubles, annoys, and stirs us. Manipulated by this vexation, we act wrongly. And from there, a highly diverse sufferings would be created.

Three: Therefore, exterminating one’s attachments will lead to no suffering. (The Holy Truth of extermination)

Golden (comfortably) shining image

Four: You can walk on the eight right roads to lead to the disappearance of suffering. (Truth of the way to the cessation of suffering)

the right way

One: The right viewpoints: To look at the Four Noble Truths (proper course) rightly.
Two: The right ways of thinking: To think about the Four Noble Truths rightly.
Three: Do not tell falsehoods, use foul or abusive language, etc.
Four: The right doings: Not to kill, steal, make greedy money, commit lewd acts against one who is not one’s wife or husband, etc.
Five: The right lives: The integration of from the two to the four.
Six: The right efforts: To work hard and devote oneself to one’s path.
Seven: The right thought: In the conscious direction of correct devotion, always remember to keep the correct view in mind.
Eight: The right meditation: Focusing exclusively on one thing, etc.

If we follow the path with the teachings of the Four Noble Truths in mind, we will surely one day reach a state of peace and tranquility, free from suffering. This, in other words, is the way of the Buddha.

The Sakyamuni Buddha explained such in the past.
Wishing all of us who live with suffering for living now of peace and tranquility.


The Buddha also went around preaching various other teachings to save people.
Among the famous there is the teaching of non-ego. (I’m not me.)

What is a human being? It is an entity tentatively formed by the following five elements.

Color: From various things and people
Receiving: Percept something
Thinking: Imagine various things in one’s mind
Acting: Act it
Recognizing: Recognize something is there.

However, there is no such thing as “this is me” in any of them. In this way, we realize that we humans are basically beings who act based on sensual desires.

In this way, we realize that there is no such thing as “this is me”, and we leave our attachment to self.

No matter which of the five components that make up a human being, “they are all not me.”

However, the Buddha, while preaching non-self, also stated.


He said, “Yourself is your stronghold (or refuge),” and “Rely on yourself and the Buddha’s teachings, and rely on no one or nothing else.”

Even though we see ourselves as “not ourselves,” we are definitely there in our body.
In this case, the “we” are ourselves, who accept the Buddha’s teaching and follow his path. What is important is to walk the path independently with your self as the foundation.

The teaching of non-self, it is okay to say that there is a shift from a way of life based on the desires of the sensual self to a way of life that follows the teachings of the Buddha.

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