The latter part: The lullaby that wraps the sorrow

Mother … mother …

As the dark night came and she went to sleep, Ren often had nightmares.

Hey wake up … wake up …

Trembling her young little body.

Oh no … oh no … wake up.

Twisting her face in pain.

Mother … mother …

She continues to seek her mother today, too.

Please don’t leave me alone.

This child is crying today as well seeking the light that will never return in the darkness. She is crying in sorrow, her face contorted, her little body trembling, as she lets out a small cry. At such times, I, Oyu, always stand by Ren’s side and give her a gentle hug.

All right, come on, come on.
I know it’s hard, I know it hurts. But don’t worry, I’m always here.
You are never alone.
I’ll be here. I’ll definitely protect you.

So, don’t worry … don’t worry.
If you are afraid of nights, please sleep in here.

Image of Lullaby of a Moonlit Night


I always hugged that child who was crying in loneliness and her deeply wounded heart. Ren, battered in body and soul, and crying with her small body trembling. As I held her gently in my arms, I made up my mind.

This child, and only this child, I will protect no matter what. Until the end of my life. I will protect the life I could not protect then, the life I abandoned then, this time I will protect it.

I, Kuya, just listened intently to Oyu’s story. It is so spectacular that my heart cannot help but ache as well. And at the same time, I felt very strong bond between the two.

Oyu and Ren, they have lived together for a long time in a time that could end at any moment. Before they crumbled and collapsed in overwhelming despair, they alone struggled to hold on to their lives.

It was too sad bond accompanied with pain. But therefore, the two were connected strongly with each other. They were each other’s last hope for survival.

Incidentally, I heard that the big white dog, Kotaro, saved them one night when they were almost attacked by wild dogs at Rajomon. The wild dogs were frightened away by its huge size and somewhat imposing appearance. The fact that Oyu and Ren have never been attacked by wild dogs or bandits while living in Rajomon is probably due in part to this mysterious dog.

Big white dog Kotaro
Kotaro is probably not just a dog. It is probably an incarnation of a demon god (spirit) or something that protects people.

Listening to Oyu’s story, I learned of two people and one animal who had struggled to survive on the brink of impermanence.

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