“Songs of coexistence”

Hello, everyone♪ This is Benelba Bacgonagal, the savior singer of all humankind.
Aunt Benelba Bacgonagal
It’s time for another MHK “Songs of coexistence” today. Come on, let’s all sing the songs for living together with fun and be without suffering today!

The theme of today song is “plants going to heaven.” This is said to be thought out by the great teacher Dengyo Daishi Saicho now, a long time ago. It is said that Saicho, who was also a mountain ascetic, developed these ideas in the mountain forest environment of Mount Hiei.

We would like to remember the way of thinking by singing fun today♪♪

Here we go ~~~, yes, one, two, three♪

“Songs of plants going to heaven – all plants are also Buddhas-.” -Lord Tamakami descending on the grass and trees-

All plants are living too. They are living with lives.
Plants! They are things where Tama is descending on.

Hey, teacher, what is Tama? Please tell me.

Image of a rambunctious little boy

Tama, it is a very holy existence, that is a god.
Those who think out this is people in ancient Japan.
Those people were certainly perceiving that gods were descending on mountains and trees.
The life energy of gods having accumulated during cold winter.
Oh, the warm spring has come, then, the energy blows out vigorously, turns mountains and fields into green all over.
In the fall, the harvest is done and the grain is offered to Gods.
After that, the wild mountain gods will go into a state of calm, to store up energy.

Natural scenery of mountains and rivers


Mountains and trees are living, and we certainly feel it even now.
We can see the holy gods descending on grass and trees now, even this time.
Lord Tamakami is descending on all plants.
All plants are the places where lord Tamakami resides.
For this reason, holy meanings and values are given to mountains and trees.
Hey, Tama is there even now.
Although it is the being of “empty” we cannot see and without a form, it is certainly there.
It is descending on all lives now even this time.
Hey, even on this grass, this flower, this branch and this tree, lord Tamakami is descending on.
The holy lives are residing there.
So, all plants are living.
They are living with lives in them.
They are living together with us on the earth.

Mountains of Autumn Leaves

You may hear the beats of lives. Hey♪
Tamakami is descending on the plants.
Tamakami descending on the plants.
Tamakami is descending on the plants.
Tamakami descending on the plants.
The awaken with Tamakami descending on the plants, becoming Budddha, as it looks, present an important truth to us.
In the past, now and in the future forever, yes!
Because both the plants and we are living the same lives.




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