The second part: Gonzo’s offerings

Images of Amitabha Buddha

All people are living the same life equally in the light of Amida Buddha at this very moment. There is no longer any discrimination or distinction there. Nowhere, it shouldn’t be.

Although I wanted to tell Gonzo so, he would not understand it today when the concept of “defilement” has grown in the devastated city, and people are bound to an invisible prison created by their troubles.

Oh, how sad that this is reality.

“In addition.”
While I was pondering, Gonzo opened his mouth again and spoke.
“And I don’ t want to sell that kind of dried fish to people. So.”
And Gonzo glanced at my eyes, and now he said to me.
“I’ll give it that. Take it.”
When I heard his words, I felt a slight warm glow in my deeply sad heart. For whatever reason, this man, Gonzo, has now freely given me the sustenance for this life to live within me. This is not something that happens very often. Perhaps I was just genuinely happy about that.
“Is it okay?”
“Oh, it is what you call an offering.”
“Well, then I appreciate it, Gonzo.”


“And, hey, about that kid over there…”
And Gonzo looked down beside me.
I followed his gaze and looked to the side to see a small child girl looking up at me.
She squeezed the hem of my robe and did not let go, staring at me with anxious color shining in the depths of her eyes.

“As I thought, you would connect her to the jail.”
I shifted my gaze from the child girl to Gonzo and asked him.
If there is a stealing of goods in the city of Higashi, it is a rule that they are put in jail by the city magistrate’s crackdown. Will the law be applied equally, even to children?
“No, I talked to the city magistrate earlier…”
Gonzo crossed his arms, took a breath, and spoke.
“We decided to be generous this time.”
“What a surprise!”
I could not hide my surprise. Because I had thought that even a child would be punished according to the law if he or she stole.
“Why is that?”
“No, actually.”
Gonzo looked at little uncomfortable and continued.
“The culprit had already been caught.”

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