Lock on target with sniper scope

It will, it will be the end.



The old man was enjoying the deadly sniper day at Kinkakuji temple hiding himself in a certain bush in the premises of Kinkakuji temple The purpose in only one, that is to shoot and defeat the delinquents who come to rampage in Kinkakuji temple every day with a sniper. These delinquents like bastardly piece of garbage, that are demons are vandalizing Kinkakuji temple, a sacred Buddhist space, as much as they want, day in and day out, so this old man shoots and defeats from the bush in order to not to be found by demons. The demons shot by him all know “the true end” and will be led to the state of enlightenment. For this reason, people call him so, the strongest Kinkakuji temple sniper man “Kinkaku Jijii end. (Though nobody calls him so.)

Well, his introduction is no longer necessary. From now on, I, Jijii end shooter,who are strongest in history and the strongest in the world will tell you information about Kinkakuji temple to kill time.

Well, at first, this is Kinkakuji temple!

Kinkakuji temple

This place was once a villa of Saionji Kokei, the court noble in Kamakura era (1192~1333). The third Muromachi Shogun Yoshimitu Ashikaga took it over in 1397, and built the villa Kitayama-den with Shariden (Kinkakuji temple) in the center.

Ashikaga Yoshimitsu

Yoshimitu Ashikaga

When it was built, Kitayama-den was the center of politics and culture and was used as the place to receive the emperor and emissaries from China (Ming Dynasty) with great pomp and circumstance. And after Yoshimitu died, it became the temple of Zen sect by what he said before his death. By the way, the opening of the temple was famous monk called Soseki Muso.

I’d like to introduce the must-to-feature attractiveness of such Kinkakuji temple with my love sniping in a hundred shots.


Well, the first attractive sniping point is …rock on G!!

Te~~n, te~~n te~~n, te~~n, te~~n.


Lock on to your heart with a sniper scope.

It is here~~!!

I am falling in love with your heart♪ Oh, three, two, one, dokky~~(^ε^)-☆Chu!!

Kinkinkin♪ Kinkinkin♪ Kinkakuji Shariden!!

The official name is Rokuonji Kinkaku. The name of Rokuon is derived from Yoshimitu Ashikaga’s Dharma name Shukaenin-den. Rokuon was named after Shikano-en, the name of the land where the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni Buddha, first preached. Kinkakuji temple with its name, Shari-den and three-layer structure is where the holy Buddha Hall where the Buddha, the awaken one, resides.

First, the first layer of the Kinkakuji temple has seated statue of Yoshimitu Ashikaga enshrined in.

And the second layer has statues of the four heavenly kings, guardian deities of Buddhism, on all four sides, with the statue of Iwaya Kannon being centered. Incidentally, this second layer is called Choondo, with its architectural style of samurai-style house of Kamakura era.

And on the third layer… it’s wonderful! Because inside is shining gold! Here is called Kukyocho with its building style Tang-style Zen Buddhist temple structure and Buddha’s stupa is housed. Kukyocho means a state of complete and utter contentment with peace of mind!!

This garden and architecture centered of Kinkakuji temple are said to represent the paradise Jodo in this world. Kinkakuji temple (Shari-den) shining gold is suitable to be called as just the center of the paradise Jodo!!

Image of the golden paradise

Oh, how wonderful!

Well, although there are many points of view else in Kinkakuji temple may I wrap up my story here because I felt it bothersome. And because I am old in age. Oh, the sleepiness came to me.

Oh…oh… well, everyone, good night.

Zzzz… zzzz… zzzz~~.

※Incidentally, the bullets of sniper gun this Jijii is using are not real bullets. These are spiritual bullets that take effects against only demons. So, how many times he shoots, nothing would not be hurt. And it does not make sense to try to search this Kinkaku Jijii. Because this Jijii is completely integrated with the surrounding nature with a godlike camouflage rate.

If you find him in the worst case, then you would be like this.

“Mu!! Who are you?!”

Aimed at with a sniper scope, as if looking in the wrong direction! and a woman pointing her finger.




This is not a spiritual bullet!!

A woman crawling on her knees, shivering and screaming in agony with her eyes peeled back from the whites of her eyes.



big bang

The end♪♪

Finally, this story is a fiction. Good children must not never believe it.
But, the information of Kinkakuji temple is, oh, be assured, it is true.

    Kinkakuji temple

  • 〒603-8361 Kyoto prefecture Kyoto city Kita district Kinkakuji town 1
  • About inquiry: Rokuonji administration office: 075-461-0013
  • URL:
  • Access to Kinkakuji temple♪
    Access from Sokokuji temple
    Ride Kyoto City bus at “Karasuma Imadegawa” bus stop and get off at “Kinkakuji do” bus stop.
    59 systems, emergency 102 systems
    Ride Kyoto City Bus at “Doshisha mae” bus stop and get off at “Kinkakuji do” bus stop.
    59 systems

    Access from Ginkakuji temple
    Ride Kyoto City Bus at “Ginkakuji do” bus stop and get off at “Kinkakuji do” bus stop.
    Emergency 102 systems and 204 systems.

  • Parking:
    Available time:
    From 8:40 A.M to 5:10 P.M.
    Parking capacity:
    250 cars (the first, second, and third parking lot in total)
    60 minutes from the start, and every 30 minutes after that.
    Private car: 300-yen, 150 yen
    Micro bus: 500-yen, 250yen
    Bus: 1000-yen, 500 yen
    Bicycles or motorbikes: 100-yen, 50yen
  • Viewing hours:
    From 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
    No holiday
    Please make caution as the special viewing hours may be different.
  • Fees:
    Adults (higher than high school students): 400 yen
    Elementary and junior high school students: 300 yen
    With presentation of handicapped notebook, the holders only are discounted.
    Adults (higher than high school students) 300 yen elementary or junior high school students: free
    Although there is not a group discount, please enter as groups in case of more than 30 people.
    Please make caution as the fee of the special viewing hours may be different.




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