Stars twinkling in the night sky
I, Oyu am living now as well. I see the dreams that cannot be achieved watching stars shining in the sky, while sitting at the stairs of the huge Rajomon enveloped with darkness and being exposed with unusual winds. While knowing my destiny that is not so far.

I heard a voice calling me, and suddenly I turned back and was returned to reality from illusion. When I saw the direction of the voice, I could see in the darkness a small girl who seems to be about eight years old, is staring at me while scraping her eyes. The girl also wears a cloth like rag as like me with her extended to her shoulder. The heartbeats of life of young, small and very weak girl sound to my heart.

Watching such this girl always gives me irresistible feeling of love against her.

Those eyes that look at me seem to be about to cry now but she seems to be enduring it desperately. A sad but very loving gaze like a thrown puppy, which endures it patiently although it wants to cling to someone irresistibly.

Well, again. You are a child I can’t help.

Now her existence is lighting another light to my broken heart.

Yes, there is something I haven’t lost yet.

The eyes of this child, the eyes where the pains and sorrows that cannot be helped stayed there, seek me today as well. Watching such eyes of you always makes me feel like holding you with my hands irresistibly.

“Sister, I can’t sleep. Would you mind sleeping with me?”
Small exclaim uttered from the mouth of the small girl. I made my usual smile, nodded a little and answered against the exclaim.

Of course, well, let’s go.


I stood up slowly and went to the east corner of Rajomon with the child. It is because a straw mat has spread on the ground. Although it is a rag, it is better than nothing. We sat there together, and snuggled our cold bodies and warmed each other.

Well, come here.

She who sat next to me enlist herself to me softly. The body is chilly and cold. It is because she was blown by the night wind of the city. The night of the city these days is cold. As we are wearing clothes like rag it is faster for the skin getting colder.

Sister, it is cold.

I snuggled her, wrapped the child’s cold body and rubbed her back gently.

You are so cold; I feel sorry for you.

But don’t worry, because I will warm up you. Did you see a scary dream again? Did you see the dream of your mother again? If you are scary, come on. I will protect you. Don’t worry, don’t worry.

Exposed by the chilly and cold night, both the child’s body and mind are chilled. I will hold and warm up such her heart gently and slowly today as well.

Don’t worry, don’t worry. I will be with you. If you are scary of night, please sleep here.

I hold the child this night as well, and keep its life in Rajomon at the south end of city of Kyoto. In the darkness that we cannot know about tomorrow while sharing the warmth each other snuggling with each other and sounding the sound of life.

Rajomon in the Dark Night

Don’t worry, I will be with you forever. Forever.

The second trip completed



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