At that time, Ridiculous Rambo was in a jungle. He failed his paraglider and fell in that greatly dangerous place with max risk percentage. It is an island which is nearest to hell with rumor that people who come to this place would die with completely 100 percentage. People call there so.

(Although it must be a jungle, it is said so for some reason.)

Clip art of jungle
Ridiculous Rambo was repentant now very much. I should not have tried paraglider that I cannot do if I had to make an experience like this…Challenging it led me to an island with much jungle. In addition, here is a hell island. Well, I have to be eaten, must be eaten. There seems to be a lot of Tyrannosaurus that must have been extinguished here.

It is dangerous, this means my destiny is to die.

“No”, Ridiculous Rambo thought so. It is that my life does not yet end. I am Rambo. That Rambo also survived hell jungle twice. First time is in Vietnam and second time is in Myanmar. I am now in a hell jungle. Then, let me survive the hell jungle like Rambo.

Determine by yourself whether to die wastefully or live for yourself, Ridiculous Rambo!!

Then, the back ground music of that “Shishigahara” was played in my brain. But it is only with music and there is no lyrics with it. Then the mouth of Ridiculous Rambo started to sing a haphazard song smoothly.


Shishigahara (from FFVI) composer: Nobuo Uematu

Although it is a playing, I made honestly Ridiculous Rambo

First phase:
Let’s go, without fearing, step on your foot.
They are watching you while shaving their fangs.
They sneak from your back (dangerous!) and attack you with their fangs. (Take caution!)
It all depends on you whether you live or die. (Which?)
Feel their sign.
Sharpen your feeling.
Second phase:
I go on the beast road even if I get hurt.
It is risky to pass through here.
If you are not careful (dangerous) you’ll become a prey and become meat. (It’s too late.)
You must not stop your steps (go ahead!) and must walk searching the exit.
Feel their sign.
Sharpen your feeling.
Third phase:
Well, let’s go without fearing, then the road will be open.
It is you who decide whether you flee or you fight against.
Confront them decidedly. (You can do it!) Go on and attack them (believe).
Yeah, you cannot survive if you only flee.
Feel your sense.
Dive into the middle of that vortex.

Well, I have to survive even though I don’t know when I can escape from here. I don’t want to die in such a place. I only need to make survival whatever happens to me. In the jungle called this life! (I said good words, well, let’s make this a new lost word.)

For this reason, one more and new lost word was created in this world.

Whatever happens to me, only I have to do is make survival.
In the jungle called this life!

Let’s go! Rambo change!

Then, a miraculous thing has happened!

※Lost word means the word without proper thinking that emerges when people are put into extreme state and become mad.




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