Open to public in 2010
Director: Sylvester Stallone
Starring: Sylvester Stallone


Dictator general Garza (This picture is an image.)

The Expendables, a movie that strongest invincible consumables Corps, the Expendables destroys the terrifying dictatorship thoroughly. With Sylvester Stallone a starter, the strongest old and new action stars, including Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Bruce Willis, gather and make extremely flashy actions everywhere. The 80’s action movie that revived in 2010’s. It is OK that the attractiveness of this movie is in such place. It has countless number of points of view such as the appearance of human nuclear warhead, Dolph Lundgren who did co-starring with Stallone for the first time since Rocky 4 (open to public in 1985) and the appearance of unexpected that person who was spending busy days as state governor at that time and so on.

Many of the action movies in 80’s when Stallone and Schwarzenegger were their golden age at that time are said to be violent. However, this does not mean that they use violence wildly. This is same in this movie, the Expendables too.
They also are not using violence wildly but are fighting for their loved in the end. At first, with the request from one person, they were contracting works with money to destroy vicious people who put dictatorship regime. However, they who touched the current situation there and thoughts of people there, fight against the corps of the dictatorship regime for people who love their land. They fight for not money but love.


After that, they dedicated themselves to fighting in order to destroy hatred dictators thoroughly and bring peace to people. Strongest invincible corps who don’t fear even their death in order to protect their loved repeated destroying the enemies who are attacking them thoroughly!! The scene of their thoroughness is so dreadful that it must be without doubt that the enemies see the hell in this world eternally once they make such corps their enemies.

We never forgive the dictatorship regime! Explosion of continuous bullet!!

Don don, don don! Dondon, don don! Don don, don don! Don!!

Duca ~~~ n!!

big bang

You are not entitled to live today!!

Such exclaims of them; the Expendables are sounding being very flashy great explosion and gunshots. And when they finish watching this movie everyone would think so without doubt.
Muscular masked wrestler with his arms crossed

Look, people in the world. This is the appearance of the true man.




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