Hello, this is Momonga.
I talked a little about the movie “Onmyoji” when I visited Shognzuka in Higashiyama last time, and let me talk about Seimei Shrine that worshipped Seimei Abe this time.

Going north on Horikawa Street from Nijo castle and passing Marutamachi and Imadegawa and further north to the place you feel the air a little cooler when it is a hot summer day, you will find Seimei Shrine on your left.

There is a star mark “Gobosei” depicted on the toril, that is Seimei barrier.

Torii of Seimei Shrine

I, Momonga would draw star mark having depicted circle with compass when I was in elementary school age when I got to use compass and measure. It is cool and we can depict it easily and by one stroke.


I deviated a little from the main topic, there was an object of a small bridge after I passed the torii feeling difference from other shrines somewhere with the Gobosei on the torii faced with Horikawa Street.

Miniature of Ichijo-modoribashi Bridge

It is a miniature of Ichijo Modoribashi. The actual Ichijo Modoribashi exists in a little south from Seimei Shrine. There is a statue made of stone at the foot of the miniature bridge. It is Shikigami.
I hear that Seimei made this Shikigami serve his daily life, Hideaki Ito who acted Hiromasa Minamoto was played fool of by this Shikigami in the movie.
Well, rather than coming for worshipping in this shrine, I enter in the fantasy world. Lord of the Ring? Harry Potter? It has a wonderful air like such.


Another torii of Seimei Shrine

There is a precinct when I pass one more torii across a small street. Well, let’s go.
Put in a gift and put your hands together… There is a statue of Seimei on the left. Although it has a usual atmosphere in shrines there is a big and round peach on the right. Yes, it’s a peach, a peach for a protective charm.

Charms of peach

Well, peach is a fruit for a protective charm from the ancient age. By the way, I have heard that many peach seeds were found in Kofun. Why is it peach? Its it due to its shape?

I, Momonga has a custom of every year that I touch this peach for a protective charm, I touched it with hesitation because it was amid the corana pandemic in this year’s first visit to shrine.


There is a big tree a little far from the peach. It is the sacred tree. It says you may touch it.
Or, please feel power by touching it.

Woman holding onto a sacred tree

It is fantasy development inside Momonga’s brain. However, this year I couldn’t touch it too much.

When returned to the way I came from, there is a Seimei well on the side of Temizi-sha.
It is the best power spot this time. It is the benefit. I, Momonga take photos with smartphone every year.

Well of Seimei Shrine

Its direction changes every year. The water of this well was also stopped this year.
I would like to have corona viruses dispelled with the power of Seimei by any means.

When I, Momonga visited this shrine for the first time, its place was unclear, so I asked the person from neighboring store its place.

“Where is Seimei Shrine?”
“Oh, Seiemi Shrine!? Straight north on this street! You will find easily!”

It seems to be a familiar existence.

However, people near the area, brides must not pass-through Ichijo Modoribashi when they marry…

(Because it is said that the women who got married “will return to”)

It must not be that funeral convey pass-through this bridge.

Because the dead can come back to this world… (I’m scared!)

(But I think it is better if he or she comes back to this world~, for the people who lost their families…)

Although it seems familiar but it is about Seimei Shrine which was very mysterious being.

Well, when the rainy season has ended, the real summer season will start! I heard that we can’t see Yamahoko cruise in this year’s Gion festival as well… How about going north to enjoy the coolness in the hot summer in Kyoto next time.

To be continued…




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