First half of the game, bloom in the wilderness, the unique Suiren.

Suiren!! Hosen!!

Junk rank♪ Junk rank♪ Junk rank♪ Suiren.

Junk rank♪ Junk rank♪ Junk rank♪ Hosen.

Salvodaya rock nights!!

Illustration of live audience

Junk Rank♪ Junk Rank♪ Junk Rank♪ Suiren.
Junk Rank♪ Junk Rank♪ Junk Rank♪ Hosen.
Salvodaya rock night.

Today in this place, passion and cry of passion more than ever wrap around the area. It moans on the ground like magma that is hot and full at the bottom of the earth, at the next moment it swirls and rises and explode flashly in the sky. Many people are gathering in this place and emitting awesome heat under a starry sky without a cloud. People who gathered in this place are screaming for outstanding delights at their sight of the special stage in front of them. At this stage, there are a stand microphone in the middle and a drum set a little back from it, and speakers in both sides of the stage and no one is there. However, in this stage, the heartbeat of life was already ringing. As if the stage itself is living. No, this stage is undoubtedly living. It, being illuminated by a dazzling cocktail light, shines in golden color as long as life, and wraps everything in that light. People express outstanding delights in front of this stage where life is already pulsing. Some raise their fists to fill the night sky and others have already shed tears. Now, this time people enlist their all hopes to those rockers.


Clip art of sunshine and feathers

Cool, wonderful and fantastic ~~~!!

It is superb, isn’t it, hey?

I, or all of four us, felt our passion spring up from the bottom of our heart and body, looking at the scene as usual by the side of the stage. Hot and red bloom becomes like a magma, ascends while running around the body, and explodes like a volcano when it reaches the top. The unconditional explosion that isn’t got caught up in anything. The moment is about to start now when we can realize than ever to be living together with everything in this world and in this universe. This is just the best moment in life.

Well, let’s go!!


We stand at this stage today as well. For all people who gathered here. In order to illuminate hope for tomorrow by screaming as much as we can from here to all the world. We dive into infinite light.



Junk Rank♪ Junk Rank♪ Junk Rank♪ Suiren.
Junk Rank♪ Junk Rank♪ Junk Rank♪ Hosen.
Salvodaya rock nights!!

We scream today as well. We thoroughly destroy the rotten era, while wearing rock and roll and kicking off the rusty now. Listen, all Junk Rankers living now. There is nothing to be afraid of. Push your fist up and sing as hard as you can under this sky!

Suiren!! Hosen!!

Many people exclaim our name. The name of Salvodaya rock band, Junk Rank Suirens which we four formed. And, they exclaim the name of me, Suiren bo Hosen.
We who were bathed the cry in our body and mind swing our arms up toward the sky as much as we can. We four deliver our song on the golden stage. The person who screams thoughts with a microphone with one hand is Suiren bo. The pretty rock lady Erika who delivers power by strumming the guitar freely. Drummer Savo who hits the earth with the heartbeat of all his life. And, the strongest bassist, Renzou who supports all cry and thoughts from the bottom with a strong will.

We are just the Salvodaya rock band that encourage the awakening of everything, Junk Rank Suirens. The powerful lotus flowers which bloom on the land of Junk Rank. These are not only ourselves but also all lives living in this world.
Yes, all of us living in this world are the unique Suirens who bloom in the wilderness.

“OK! COME ON! HELLO! Junk Rock!!”

With my intense shout, the finest meteor strike created with the strongest power of Trinity by guitar, drum, and base crashes into the ground vigorously! Well, it’s the beginning of the craziest Salvodaya rock nights. Let’s go flashy!!

“Do you like rock and roll?”
A crowd responding with a cry that doesn’t lose to my cry.
“Do you like rock and roll?”
The countless beasts that continue to scream again and again, responding with the cry.
“OK! Let’s do together! ALL RIGHT!! Salvodaya rock that never stop ringing.”

The moment, the ground burned violently and flashed and exploded.

Explosion Illustration

To be continued to the second half, “frenzy and angry hell destruction, dance, dance, dance till the morning!”





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