Hello. This is Momonga.

As I mentioned in the previous article “Sanjusangendo”, I’d like to introduce Kyoto Municipal Science Center for Youth that is located in Fukakusa in Fushimi district and where we can learn with fun about “parabolic motion of matter.”

I, Momonga have liked “science” from my childhood and when I entered junior high school, “science”.
(I was appealing to “science”, having told that what I say science is not chemistry. I was not good at chemistry from that time.

One big theme park appeared in Kyoto that caught such Momonga’s mind and did not let go. The time is in 1969 and the following year is 1970, the year of expo Osaka.

Exterior view of Kyoto Science Center for Youth

Cited from the official site.

Those who are living in Kyoto city go to this center as a field trip of elementary school and it is posted as the discount facility for handicapped people in sister site of Kyoto sightseeing net “go with disability certificates.



When I saw artificial starry sky entering the planetarium for the first time, I was so moved that I shed my tear.

The planetarium at that time was operated originally by its operators, and when they operated it, having told that “then, let the time returned until we can see the starry sky the dinosaurs were looking at” the heart of Momonga who was a child was beating very fast.

There is a display that we can experiment the parabolic motion of “Sanjusangendo’s” arrows with much understanding.

Life-size model of dinosaur

(In addition to it, there are highly powerful magnetism and a life-size dinosaur “welcoming” us.)

We can make our own telescope with 150-yen material fee! People with much physical strength may try in starting a fire like the primitive people were doing!

Fire Making Experience

…Not worth the year, old man Momonga was excited by going back my memory.…


Kyoto University is the university that many Nobel Prize laureates graduated from.

(There is a display of scientists gathered at one place in this center.)

Although six people from Kyoto University compared against eight people from successive Tokyo University, oops, the Nobel Prize laureates who graduated from Tokyo University include two Nobel literary prize and one Nobel peace prize.

That means Kyoto University is still the top in scientific fields.

Although it is the “Kyoto Municipal Science Center for Youth” that represents such Kyoto, the child Momonga who was captured his mind with a panel called “Ichimuino Shinjin” surreptitiously.

Ichimuino Shinjin

It’s a Buddhism word, and “Ichimui” means not obsessed with “money” and “rank”.

And that such person realizes “Shinjin” true him or her.

I certainly think successive laureates for Nobel Prizes are “Ichimuino Shinjin”.

Feeling so, it’s my introduction of facility that we can boast Kyoto a little.

To be continued.





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