Open to the public on July 2 in 2003.
Director: Jonathan Mostow Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Terminator 3

Final chapter: the day when the world perished – the road of determination beyond there-.

John who keeps looking away the reality however many times T-850 tells him “John Conner is people’s hope” and “it is your destiny.” The story is that they go to Edwards air force base in order to stop Skynet, but the world is finally asked for decision of destiny due to an action by T-X terminator and human beings.

Terminator T-850 knew everything from the start. John is the existence that will survive severe reality and give hope to people. Although terminator tell that to John repeatedly John continued to refuse the reality. This is just why terminator T-850 show John reality as it is by its actions. The same can be said for T-X. T-X makes a strategic action at the climax, and the action as a result makes the chance for John to face with the reality that John himself was refusing.

T-850 and T-X show important truth to the two: John and Kate by their actions. And who got to create the truth is human beings themselves. All humans involved in Skynet lead John to the truth.


Destiny is like a huge life being that will be created the thoughts of a variety of people and the actions based on it. Therefore, it cannot help by the power of one or two people.
There is something as destiny. Therefore, even if you are played food of by destiny, and however hard destiny it is, you must continue fighting accepting the reality it causes.

John accepts his destiny only at the very end in front of the truth shown to him by terminator and human beings. And he finally decides his mind to fight against severe reality.

There is something as destiny. However severe it is and however many times you are made fool of, live alive, survive. Keep fighting accepting your own destiny and reality and believing hope. It is to live.

Terminator 3 is a story that was embodied to tell the truth. I cannot help thinking so.





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