There are 4 days or so left until the end of this year.
This year is the year lived with the new coronavirus and a year with several events for example, we couldn’t work as we wanted. I think some people experienced the new things, did what they had not ever done, and made one step forward. I am among those people.

I think this year with many things was a special year for each person.

For example, looking back on the past, looking back on the past by reading my daily pocket book or diary, and tracing my track looking what I produced or completed and so on…

As I mentioned before, I like thinking my steps of this year by listening to music and looking back on the past or from the emotion coming up for example, this year I experienced such things.

Man listening to music

GREEEEN “On a starry night”

You might image this song as winter song or the song related to sky from this song title. However, not being so, it makes me recall yesterday or the past from the beginning, there is a part expressing that when it becomes cold, it recalls me that time using metaphor and makes me ask myself that what would I be doing if I had proceeded that road. I like that part that said in the chorus “the night is certainly long and quite in order not to forget all both the good and bad before the day ends” expressing all are related each other before the day today ends, therefore the night comes, convincing me very much. It is this song’s great point where it makes me feel both the good and the bad is related with me when I compare the one day to a year on the other hand and reflect this year. In addition, the song voice of GREEEEN is also wonderful.

Please listen to it while looking back on you a lot.



Kariyushi 58 “The end and the start”

The second song is “The end and the start” by Kariyushi 58.
This song has a good point as it asks me when I start something or end the day, “you did something you wanted, although the day will end soon is there something you haven’t done yet, did you encounter the event that you won’t forget for your life, or did you spend the time without regret for example, you engraved precious time in your heart, and has a melody of lyrics of message that says do it without any regrets like a message before you begin something. In addition to this, A melody before the chorus makes me healed and enter into the music and think that I must make efforts. It is a supporters’ song that applies to both those who are thinking to start something and those who have already completed something.
Please listen to this too.

Singer: Kariyushi 58
Writer: Shingo Maekawa
Composer: Shingo Maekawa


There are many ways to reflect on the year. Each person has their own way to do so, for example for me I can reflect this year, my events till today and my experience from songs. Please take a time to reflect on this year before this year ends soon or listen to music. It might decrease your shoulder strength or relax you a little.

Everyone, please spend a better year end.





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