Hello. !(^^)!
This is Miyabi.

I went to Woods of Malebranche Roman located along Route 1 in Yamashana Ward on my way home the other day and took out cream puffs and puddings and had it at home.

I happened to pass through in front of it, and when I passed through in front of it before, there were many people waiting making long lines. But the other day, it was timely and there were fewer lines, and I thought it was chance so I entered the shop with my mother with our car parked. Barrier-free is equipped from the parking lot to the shop and inside the shop, so it was very easy to walk.

After we measured the temperature and disinfected our hands and waited a little for our order, we entered the shop.

Woods of Malebranche Roman is the shop opened on October 2 this year and it was introduced by TV or it was also publicized on the subway etc.

There was a cooking department through glass in the middle inside the shop. Seeing the scenes where pastries were being made on site and the equipment and the cooks.
There were desks and chairs for eat-in space on the right side and there was a souvenir shop on the left side. There was no picture inside the shop as I forgot to do so.

The foods famous in Woods of Malebranche Roman are Cool baton Mont Blanc and waffle, and tarts of Roman and so on.

At first, I was at a loss whether I should buy a strawberry shortcake, but what attracted my eyes are cream puffs and puddings. These two have been my favorite foods before, I purchased them as I wanted buy cream puffs and puddings first today. After I selected the products and told our order, and went to the place where we paid for them and the products were to be packed. The store clerks were very kind and attentive.

As I received the products and got back to our home.
I was looking forward to what tastes they had.

Mar Blanche paper bag

When we got home, we took out cream puffs and puddings having prepared small dishes and drinks first.

I was thrilled even before I opened it.


Cream puffs and pudding

When I opened it, there was a delicious smell.

At first, I ate the pudding. The cream was sweet, the second custard is rich and delicious, and there was caramel in the bottom of it and it was even more delicious when mixed.

Next, I ate the cream puff. Because it was a small type, for me who had a big mouth, I tasted it slowly and ate it. This also had rich custard that echoed in my mouth and was sweet and delicious. With the same feel after the second mouth, it was a happy and blissful time.

This time, I could only eat these two, next time I want to eat famous sweets or other foods♪.

For those who come near Woods of Malebranche Maron or who like the sweets, I recommend to visit there.

Woods of Malebranche romance.

  • Location: Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Yamanashi ward Ootsuka Kitamizo town 30.
  • TEL: 075-581-8787
  • Regular holiday: none
  • Business hours: 9:00~18:00 (last order 17:30)
  • URL:




京都三条会商店街北 薬膳&カフェ 雅(みやび) サイト制作・運営 一般社団法人シシン