This is Miyabi.
As I live in Kyoto, I have seen Kyoto tower many times.(^^♪
It is located in front of JR Kyoto Station, and when I go to Yodobashi camera Kyoto shop or pass through around there, I see it absolutely. It is standing out as the symbol of Kyoto.

Kyoto Tower Night View

Kyoto tower was built in 1963 with its height 131 meter. I have seen Kyoto tower every day in the past three years ago, and visit and play there. Although I want to see the scenery from the top once, but it is actually that I have never gone to the top of the tower. Although I have much interest, I have never done this because there wasn’t enough time.

The lights Kyoto tower emits differ day and year, the colors I have ever seen are purple, green, blue and so on. It was bright very much.

I prefer nighttime Kyoto tower to daytime Kyoto tower because it is lighting well.

Although I don’t know when it will come true, I think I want to see scenery and outlook of Kyoto from the top of the tower at least once now.




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