The time has become December and it has finally entered in the winter. It has become chilly and cold season from that warmth. I, Miyabi is a person who prefer warm and hot season to cold season. Well, speaking of December, what do you everyone think of? There are many things coming up such as cold season, snow, Christmas, year end and so on.

The other day, I got off the bus at the bus stop of in front of Kyoto City Hall on my way home and walked to Shijo Kawaramachi. Illumination was decorated with trees on the road and buildings. I took a photo because it was beautiful.

From JR Kyoto Station North Exit


Although there was no ornament like illumination on trees two months ago, it has become full-blown from December.

In front of the central ticket gate of JR Kyoto Station

This is the broad street in front of the central ticket gate of Kyoto Station. The white illumination that stood out made me feel that the winter has come.

Although it is not about photo, Christmas songs are playing in Shijo Kawaramachi Street, Ion malls and shopping malls a little earlier. And there was a Christmas tree. Although it is thought to be much further until December 24 and 25, the visit of winter and Christmas season came in the city, and I, Miyabi like that they catch my eyes or feel by my ear as the characteristics of this season(^^♪





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