This is legend of bastard man I, ridiculous Rambo suddenly recalled when I saw net news about kyabakura one night…

(note) Although there might be very impolite expressions in the sentences, it’s just a production. I’m sorry.

This is the story of the worst ever man who like kyabakura.

“I went to kyabakura secretly to my wife in the night street… Mufufu♡”

hostess bar



I’m in the paradise now. It is releasing stress on my way home from work. I have no complaint because I am surrounded by such cute young ladies, they smile and listen to the story of middle-aged man of forty-year-old.

“Oh, section chief. You are cool♡ Please call me later. Chu.”
“I’ll call you. I’ll call you. nyan nyan”
Oh, you section chief, you are very cute♡♡
I was drunken. I was drunken in good condition.


I took a taxi and got home.

“I’m home~.
“Welcome back” my wife greeted me.
The ordinary woman I can’t say she’s cute. I’m tired of seeing her smile…

I left my clothes to my wife and went to the living room in a drunken state, and drunk tea. At that time, my wife saw the clothes and noticed something…
And… I was drinking tea.
I was called “yeah!” and looked back. At the same time strong straight punch exploded!

Clip art of devil wife

I had a nosebleed.

“What is this, the kiss mark of this collar! And this name card Who is the woman, Julia Takahashi!”

Oops! I didn’t notice at all because I was drunken.

“You went to kyabakura secretly to me… Don’t play the fool with me!”
The flat hand flew three times. Bishi! Bishi! Batchon!! Buhoa!!


Oh, m jaw… my jaw!! Oh~~~!
And strong straight punch crashed on my face again!! My wife is former heavyweight champion boxer. If I get hit, I am unable to put up any resistance. My face was crashed…

Further chasing after I fell to the floor. A kicking storm flew like a missile.
“Ora Ora Ora Ora!!”
Hii. I’m sorry, I’m sorry…
I repented. I was frightened. I cried out like a baby.
And my wife said a word gripping the collar of my clothes with both hands “next time you go to kyabakura, I’ll kill you up.”

Of course, I couldn’t go against it.

Since that time, I have never gone to kyabakura again.

“The secret was revealed to the demon bride and half killed by her and next time I go I’ll be completely killed up.”





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