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JASDF Komatsu Airbase

JASDF Komatsu Airbase is the airbase of the Air Self-Defense Force, which was opened in 1961.

Komatsu Airbase is the only combat aircraft unit located on the Japanese sea side, and they are committed to training day and night in order to defend against the sky in Japan country. The location of this place and the foreign countries separating the Sea of Japan is near and is about one hour away by the aircraft. The size of the role of Komatsu base is also known from this situation.

They are tasked with the airspace violation measures, and we are making scramble takeoff against aircrafts of unknown nationality.

When I took pictures of this place, F-15J that is fighter, T-4 that is training aircraft, UH-60J that is rescue helicopter, and U-125A that is twin‐engine aircraft were active.


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Photographer: Taisuke Yamada


Location 〒923-0961 267, Mukaimotoori-machi-bo, Komatsu City, Ishikawa
Telephone 0761-22-2101
Entrance fee Free(a subscription basis)
Usual viewing time Komatsu Air Base Air Festival (held every fall), etc.

Open road
・5 minutes drive from Komatsu Airport
・10 minutes drive from JR Komatsu Station

Hokuriku Expressway
・5 minutes drive from Komatsu IC
・15 minutes drive from Katayamazu IC

Other Please refer to the following URL for information on base tours. (by appointment only)
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