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About Gozan Okuribi

Gozan Okuribi

Gozan Okuribi is an event held in Kyoto on August 16 every year. The bonfire which shaped the Chinese character and the figure are lighted in the mountains which enclose Kyoto. The type is Daimonji, Hidaridaimonji, Myo, Ho, Funagata, and Torii. Religiously, it is said that there is a ritual meaning that sends back the spirits of the dead who returned to this world on the Bon Holiday to that world.

By the way, Gozan Okuribi has the memory that I was called “Daimonji YAKI” when I was young.

Because there is no splendid fireworks display in Kyoto City, the event to enjoy a summer night is not only about this Gozan Okuribi. I have only once received the entrance ticket of the rooftop of the building in the vicinity and have viewed Gozan Okuribi, the vantage point was different from the view from the ground. (I could see Daimonji, Hidaridaimonji, Myo, Ho, and Funagata.)

I have heard that the recommended spot of appreciation from the ground is around Demachiyanagi and Aoi Bridge. The ignition is at eight o’clock at night. How about going out to the event which decorates the Bon Festival of Kyoto by all means?


Gozan Okuribi photos

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Photographer: Taisuke Yamada


Schedule August 16, 8:00 p.m. Ignition
Recommended Spots

・Kyoto Station Building Aerial Route
 Torii, Hidari-daimonji, Funagata, Myo, Ho, Daimonji
 ※Free, advance application required

・Demachi delta
 Daimonji, Ho

・Funaokayama Park
 Daimonji, Hidari-daimonji, Myo, Ho, Funagata

 Myo, Ho, Funagata, Hidari-daimonji
 ※Only authorized cabs and buses can reach the mountain. Walking is allowed. However, there is a fee for the observation deck.

・Mt. Yoshida

・Kamo River bank
 Daimonji, Myo, Ho

・Misonobashi Bridge
 Funagata, Daimonji

・East bank of the Takano River embankment
 Myo, Ho, Daimonji,(Funagata)

・AEON MALL Kyoto Gojo
 Daimonji, Hidari-daimonji, Funagata, Toriigata

・Arashiyama Togetsukyo Bridge
 Daimonji, Toriigata

・Around Matsugasaki Station
 Myo, Ho, Daimonji, Funagata

・Kitaoji-dori Takagi-cho Interchange
 Myo, Ho, Hidari-daimonji

・Kokuzohohorinji Temple
 Daimonji, Toriigata

※In addition, Kyoto Tower and large hotels offer paid plans to enjoy the Gozan Okuribi. Advance reservations are required.

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