“Look at the cherry blossom at that corner.”
I was suddenly turned around and amused.
“It must have bloomed just in time for the entrance ceremony.”
“If you want to see the cherry blossoms, go to Hirano Shrine. It’s just a short walk from here.”
I received a thankful tourists guide on the bus from an unknown lady.
The cherry blossoms were so spectacular that I was intrigued and found out more about Hirano Shrine.
Cherry blossoms at Hirano Shrine

“Hirano Shrine.”
In 782, the first year of the Enryaku era (late Nara period), the Zoku Nihongi records that Imagi Daijin of Tamura Gogu is granted the rank of cousin (shuryo), and was enshrined in the palace of Heijo Palace (the palace of Emperor Kammu’s father, Emperor Konin.)
It was moved here at the same time as the capital was relocated to Heian in 794 (Enryaku 13).
Cherry trees have been planted in the shrine since the Heian period (794-1192) as a symbol of vitality and today there are 400 cherry trees of around 60 species. It is said that the reason there are so many rare species in the shrine is that it was also the clan god of a clan that had fallen from the vassalage, and so cherry trees were dedicated as family beacons from various noble families in the hope of revival, production and prosperity.
During Heian period, (794-1192), aristocrats enjoyed a variety of cherry blossoms over a long period of time, and in Edo period (1603-1868) night cherry blossom viewing was opened to the general public, making the ‘Hirano no Yozakura’ the capital’s leading cherry blossom viewing spot. There are many cherry trees original to Hirano Shrine and a long period (about one and a half months) during which you can admire various species of cherry trees. (From Hirano Shrine website).


Cherry blossom garden, night-time lighting and special night-time visitation ongoing!

In addition, the shrine is also full of other events, such as cherry blossom concerts and a montly handmade market.
Hirano Shrine Home Page: 
Well, in addition to Hirano Shrine, there are also Toji-in Temple, Josho-ji Temple and Kamigamo Shrine in Kita Ward, Kyoto as a famous cherry blossom viewing spots. They are more relaxing places to spend time than the city center.
How about sightseeing while viewing the cherry blossoms this weekend when the weather is warming up?
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