Water is said to be one of the reasons why Kyoto’ s sake and tofu taste so good, and it is said that the groundwater of Kyoto and the water of Lake Biwa is soft, which brings out the flavor of the ingredients in sake and tofu, making them great products.

It is estimated that an enormous amount of water, comparable to that of Lake Biwa, is stored underground in the Kyoto Basin, and in the past groundwater was pumped up using wells and used for domestic purposes.


After the war, the amount of groundwater available decreased, which led to the creation of water way, and the use of tap water increased significantly, and although tofu and other products are now made from it due to water quality issues, sake breweries still use water from the well to make sake.
Water is a necessity and we tend to take it for granted that it is available, but it is interesting to investigate the different characteristics of water in different regions.





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