Although I am not sure if it is because Kyoto people respect tradition that more women after their marriage become full-time housewives than in other areas.

Household data in Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City
Average annual household income: 4.31 million yen

Household data in Nagaoka-kyo City
Average annual household income: 5.42 million yen


As an example, I compared Kamigyo Ward, the central part of Kyoto City and Nagaoka-kyo City in Kyoto Prefecture, the difference is partly because of the size of job openings to begin with, it is largely because of the ratio difference of both working between them.

As for Kamigyo Ward, since the median annual income is less than 3 million yen, you can see how difficult life is for many households. Or they are either owner-occupied and rent-free families.

Although the birth rates in Kamigyo and Higashiyama Ward in Kyoto City are among the lowest in Japan, I think this low household income may be a factor.




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