It’s another great day! It’s a perfect Video In America Happy Day!

It is located just in front of Daitokuji Temple, a few meters west of Kitaoji Horikawa after a walk in Kyo-nai. What’s more, this is my favorite store, Video in America Daitokuji.

Exterior entrance of Video in America

Now that subscription is in full swing and everyone is going online, video rental stores are disappearing one after another. But this Daitokuji store is still surviving in the face of adversity in such times, you know.

I feel its life power amazing.
This must be the result of the clerk’s efforts indeed.

I’ve been a long-time customer of this place. DVD rental stores are said to be obsolete, but are they really? I don’t think so yet. Why?

To begin with, I can meet remarkably many movies if I come here.

Inside the Video in America store

As you cruise through the DVD area, which is divided into genres such as anime, action, foreign and Japanese films, you will encounter many unplanned and unexpected encounters. Regardless of your own will, various movie packages naturally pop into your eyes. And from there many discoveries are to be made.

A group of rental videos in the period drama section


Oh, this is “West World”.

Westworld DVD

It is that famous sci-fi movie with Yul Brynner playing a ruthless killing machine that chases their targets wherever they go with a blank expression on his face. I heard someone say that the movie reminded him of the prototype of “The Terminator”. Obedient human-like robots in a theme park suddenly start attacking people! Those emotionally stunted robots that follow their people everywhere are creepy!

Oh, isn’t this the live-action version of… “Ketko Mask”?

Kekko-Kamen DVD

I don’t know who you are, but I know all your body.

This work is one of the masterpieces of Go Nagai, the author of “Devil Man”. The story is about an overly sexy female heroin who punishes the Spartan teachers who repeatedly inflict corporal punishment on their students day and night at “Sparta Academy,” a terrifying school deep in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture. Is it a live-action version of that? It’s extraordinary… No. it’s superb, isn’t it?
“Ketko” sister, now is the time to punish all the Spartan teachers who are willing to use corporal punishment. No, please punish me first!

“Super Opporoge Jump!”
“Wow! No, no thank you!” (Sank by the unavoidability.)

Oh, what is this? “Mask rider no.4 “?

Kamen Rider 4 DVD

I haven’t heard of it. Oh, this is a d-video special piece. What is this? It seems to be totally different from Rider man. What? What did it say? Following Masked Rider #3, the most powerful masked rider created by the secret society Shocker? Heh, I see. Is there something like that? By the way, who is Masked Rider #3? Isn’t he V3?

There are encounters with many movies like these. Just because of this, it is interesting.

Oh, it’s not only for rental. Video in America also offers secondhand DVD at very competitive price.

Super Cheap DVDs Part 1

Well, new encounters are surely waiting you here!

Super Cheap DVDs Part 2

It is the possibility.
It depends on you whether you can encounter or not!

In addition, it is an appealing point that Daitokujji Shop offers DVD rentals at competitive rates. For example, 1 DVD rental not newly released costs 176 yen (1-week rental). This is inexpensive and easy to rent. So it is good place. (By the way, the first floor is an area for the sale of Pokemon cards and other Trade cards and a dueling area, where children are enjoying themselves and sparkling with fun.)

And by the way, a walk that takes you to the Daitokuji Store. This is also quite enjoyable.

So, today, I was back on my feet again to Video in America Daitokuji Store.

Video in America Daitokuji Store





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