The first chapter: The awake from darkness

…Where is here?…

I felt myself gradually awakening in a daze of consciousness. When I opened my closed eyes slowly and thinly a dazzling white light flashes into my eyes.

Dazzling and gentle light

I tried to cover my eyes with back of my hand because of the glare. But my hand doesn’t move very well against my will. I had no choice but to let the white light take control of me, relax, and wait for the right moment to come lying on my back in the same position.


Was I died? Then where is here? The hell shouldn’t be so bright. That said, there is no way that I, who have no connection to salvation, will be reborn in a world of ease. Then, what is this place?

The white light became brighter and brighter, enveloping me gently not taking account of my asking myself and answering in my mind. It enveloped my soul, my body, and everything.

This is how I woke up again
in the middle of this world where no one can be saved.

To be continued to the latter chapter.





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