The latter part: To tomorrow following that

We are going to embark on a new journey now. Today is the day of the departure. We don’t know what it is going to be like after that. There is no tomorrow in sight on our road ahead. There is no promised future. However, that is why we are going to live in the present, aiming for the future. We just keep going that way.

Believing that there will definitely be light following that, we will embark on a journey today.

“Sorry to wait, Kuya, Rensei.”
I, Oyu went out of Koro-kan with Ren who became beautiful “Amiddha child” and stepped toward Kuya, Rensei, and Kotaro, the big, white dog, who were waiting at south gate.
“Kuya, Rensei!”
Ren runs up to everyone.
Her skin shining white with a little reddish cheek. And her black shiny hair, well combed and tied back with a cord, neatly arranged. She who has reborn beautifully energetically.
“Oh, Ren, you became beautiful.”
“That’s wonderful.”
Kuya and Rensei seem to be very surprised at the transition of Ren.
Kotaro also happily wags his tail and gazes at Ren with a twinkle in his dark eyes.
“Kuya, Rensei.”
I approached the two and nodded with a smile. Yes, the time has come for us to depart toward new tomorrow from here.
“OK, well, let’s go.”
With Kuya’s call, we took a new step forward.


We are no longer who we used to be. With the teachings of Amida Buddha in our hearts, we will take a new step forward in the capital of Kyoto as Bodhisattvas who support as many people as possible. The important bonds Amida Buddha gave us. With them, we are not afraid of anything. Even in the depths of despair, we will rise.

Because we are not alone in any mean.

Images of Amitabha Buddha

With clear eyes, I looked up at the sky above Koro-kan. The sky which is azure and navy blue and stretches out forever. The sky was clear and cloudless. It brings a blue breeze that caresses my cheeks and envelops my entire body. Blown by that gentle breeze, I silently put my thoughts into it.

High in this azure sky, let’s walk together as far as we can.
To the tomorrow that lies ahead and leads to the future we believe in.

Sunlight shining from the blue sky

Let’s walk together wherever we go.

“The third movement: With bonds in our hearts – let’s go tomorrow following that “-(complete)
“The sisters’ bonds series” (complete)
And “the eighth play: With bonds in our hearts – let’s go to tomorrow following that”-(complete)




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