Rajomon Gate in the clear sky
A while after I and Ren finished caring the woman, a monk came to Rajomon. He is about 5’5” (165cm) tall, with strong muscles and bones, and pulls a cart to carry goods.
“Oh, I’ve been waiting for you, Rensei. What is that cart?”
“A kind city person lent it to me. Let’s put that woman on it and go.”
“Well, how gratifying that would be.”

“Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu. Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu.”

Kuya's image

I was so moved that I was chanting the name of Amitabha Buddha in my mouth again.

We are all connected. We are connected each other as we are under the teaching of Amitabha Buddha and living now supporting as Bodhisattva.

Oh, how gratifying that would be.

Ren came to me and looked up Rensei.
“Who is this person?”
“Ren this person is Rensei, who is good friend of me.”
As usual, I crouched down to Ren’s eye level and introduced him as a good friend.
“Nice to meet you, Ren. I’m Rensei.”
Rensei also said this, crouching down to the same eye level as the young Ren as I did, and gently stroked her head.

This man, Rensei was one of my disciples shortly before I returned to the capital, when I was training at Tukinowadera temple on Mt. Atago in the northwest direction of the capital. In fact, at that time, I already had many disciples and we were both practicing at Tukinowadera temple on Mt. Atago.

But life there was never peaceful for me.

As a teacher, I was constantly caught up in the thought that I had to nurture my students, and I felt very disturbed inside. So, in order to escape the bustle of my mind, I descended from the mountains and found myself alone in the city of Kyoto.

After that, my disciples seemed to have scattered, but Rensei seemed to have been looking for me for a long time after I suddenly disappeared from Mt. Atago. And perhaps my thoughts were answered, when I came t o Higashi City to help a sick woman lying in Rajomon, Rensei, who had come to the capital, was able to reunite with me.

Rensei was pleased his reunion with me very much.

When I told him what had happened, he immediately took off the katabira he was wearing and exchanged it for the white rice. Incidentally, the round wooden tub and the white cloth we used to wipe the woman’s face were also part of his luggage.


“Well, that should do it.”
Rensei gently but forcefully picked up the woman lying in Rajomon, who had not yet fully recovered. He then lifted the body with both arms and gently laid it on the cart.

“Come on Ren, you can ride here.”
Rensei puts his hand on the vacant spot on the cart and calls out to Ren.
Ren complied honestly, climbed into the cart, and sat down right next to the woman.
“Oh, Kotaro.”
Rensei looked at Kotaro, the big white dog, and then back at Ren again, nodding lightly.
With smile on his face.
Ren also saw this and smiled, and called him out of the car.
“Kotaro, come on!”
Thus, Kotaro was also taken along the cart.

“Well, let’s go Kuya.”

“Oh, please, Rensei.”

Thus we set out from Rajomon under clear skies. To take Ren, Kotaro, and the woman who was lying in Rajomon to a place where they would feel more secure.

Sunlight shining from the blue sky

Under blue skies, with the two girls and one dog in the car, we go on our way.
Praying that there will be a light of peace and tranquility at the end of the endless road.

We go on our way however far it will be.

Continue to “the second movement: Shine out, a guide for the traveler’s path”.




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