Rajomon Gate in the clear sky
A large white dog is sitting in the east corner at the top of the stairs of the Rajomon Gate. When the dog noticed Ren, the young child girl, he got up and ran, tail wagging.
Ren runs up to him happily and pats the white dog on the head with a smile.
“I’m home, Kotaro.”
The white dog seems to be completely attached to Ren. Then the white dog noticed me. He is surprisingly pure and has cute light in his black eyes.

Big white dog Kotaro

“This person is Kuya. He would save my older sister.”
I approached slowly as a white dog barked at me; I pat the head of that dog called Kotaro.
“Well, your name is Kotaro. I’m Kuya. Nice to meet you.”
Kotaro does not dislike it, and his expression relaxes pleasantly.
After Ren nodded to me, she went up the stairs of Rajomon. I followed along with Kotaro.
Accompanied by Ren, I went up the stairs of Rajomon along with Kotaro, the white dog, I could see a woman sleeping on a mat in the east corner.

She is a very thin, pale, shadowy young woman. A piece of dirty mat is laid on the floor and she is sleeping on it. The woman was wearing a ragged kimono, like the cloth used to dress cows, and was lying on her hands with a torn woven mat around her waist.

The woman’s appearance was so terrible that I was almost speechless, but even so, I could tell from the atmosphere she exuded that she had once been a person of good character. There’s a dirty jug at her head. Have this woman and Ren lived only on water until now? Whatever the case, it remains tragic.

“Sister, are you alright?”
When the woman noticed Ren, she tried to get up, managing to move her battered body. Seeing this, I slowly help the woman get up with my hand, caring for her body.
“Thank you. Well, who are you?”
The woman spoke to me. Although she is weak, her voice seems surprisingly firm.
“I’m Kuya, who came to save you having been asked by your sister.”
“You came to save me.”
“Yes, excuse me, may I have a moment, please?”

I leaned close to the woman suffering from her illness, rubbed her chest and put my hand on her forehead. She seems to have a slight fever, but doesn’t seem too ill. There is nothing wrong with her body. Then, the first thing I should do is …


I look over and see Ren kneeling in front of the woman, looking at her and me alternately with concern.
“Can my older sister be saved?”
“Yes, alright, I think I can manage.”
After I nodded with smile said told Ren so, I asked the woman.
“Do you have something you want to eat? Is there something you want?”
Then, she told me.

“Something I want, well, oh, I want to eat fish. Making it into greens and rice if possible. And after that, I want to drink water.”

“Fish, rice and water.”
I looked at the woman’s eyes and spoke.
“Alright. I’ll prepare them soon.”

For now, we have dried fish that we got from Gonzo in Higashi city. The rest can be found at…

I picked up the jug that was placed beside the woman.
I moved my eyes from the jug to Ren.
“Well, have you ever picked up water from the well?”
“Well, yes. I did it with my older sister for a long time ago.”
“Can you do it alone?”
“Yes, my sister taught me it too.”
“Well, then Ren, please pick the water up from the well with this jug. There should be one nearby. I will return to the city and receive a bowl of rice.”

There is some distance from Rajomon to Higashi city, but if I hurry, I can make it. I must save this person for Ren at all costs. I hurried my steps to Higashi city.

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