The latter part: the encounter to the smile

“My older sister?”
That is the word the child girl whom I met in Higashi city said. I saved this child who came to this city from being captured after stealing a dried fish from Ichikura (Ichikura is a shop’s name). And the child was the one who was called the “deadly child” from people in the city regarded as impure for its appearance was dirty and it had the countenance that was about to die.

Of course, such a thing (the stain) has not existed from the first. This is because it is after all, just created by the fear of people – the fear against gods or the emotion of disgust against the death.

I crouched down to the child girl’s eye level and listened to her story.
“Yes, my older sister is sick. She seems to be having a hard time. So, I thought I would give her something tasty to eat. That’s why I came to the city. But I have nothing to pay with, but I’m worried about my older sister, so…”

I see, then that dried fish was … to feed her sick sister.


I thought as I looked at this raggedly dressed child girl.

Perhaps that is not all.

Her face and arms covered in black grime. The small, frail body, with shaggy shoulder-length hair and a ragged cloth barely covering it. And her physiognomy looked as if she was about to die at any moment. The screams of life that this child is carrying are painfully conveyed to my heart through her figure, which is too miserable to be called a human being.

hungry ghost
This child, after all, must have been repeatedly and unavoidably stealing in order to survive. People who have been abandoned by the world, people who have lost their place in it, cannot live without food. This is especially true if they are children.


“Oh, monk.”
As I was thinking this, the young child girl squeezed one of my hands with both of her small hands.
“I have a favor.”
Her hands were surprisingly cold, but I didn’t care. I didn’t care, because the child woman’s black eyes, filled with sadness and pain, captured my heart and wouldn’t let go.
“Please save my sister.”

Her plaintive cry reaches my heart. The child is now screaming in a voiceless voice. In her young, small hands, she clutched all her wishes and asked me for help. The cry of her soul was indeed echoing in my heart.

Please save, save my sister.

“If I don’t do anything to her, my sister, my sister.”
I said nothing and gently held the child girl’s cold hand with my other hand. Then I respond with a smile toward the tearful child girl and gently pat her head, taking in the cries of grief that come from her hands.
“Alright, alright, so don’t cry anymore.”
Without breaking into a smile, I gently said to the child girl, “Okay, let’s go save your sister, right now.”

As soon as she heard the word, the color of her eyes changed. There was a mixture of surprise, but there was also a definite sparkle in her eyes. It was as if a glimmer of hope had shone into a world that had been nothing but darkness.

“Really? Really!?”
“Yes, it’s true.”
I gently touched both shoulders of the child girl and spoke.
“So show me the way. Let’s go, let’s go to your sister’s.”
“Yeah, … yeah!”

Her face, which had been dark until then, brightened up. Her hair was shaggy and covered with grime, but there was a definite smile on her face. I smile back at her sincerely happy smile. This meeting of the smiles of each other brings new light.

Gentle touch hand to hand
“My name is Kuya, Kuya. Do you have your name?”
“My name is Ren. My mother named it to me.”
“Well, then, Ren, go ahead and please guide me to your sister’s. I will save your sister, without fail.”

For this reason, I am with the child girl called Ren now. Under the clear sky, at Rajomon, the front entrance of one city at the south end of Suzaku-street, the central road of city of Kyoto. Standing in front of it, overwhelmed by its majesty.
Rajomon Gate in the clear sky
“Kuya, hurry up.”
“Yes, okay, lead the way.”
I was accompanied by Ren, the child girl, to the Rajomon Gate. To help her sister who was suffering from an illness.

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