I think it is moderately comfortable to live Kyoto City is, having lived in Kyoto City.
First, it is the good point that it is just not too like cities nor too like rural areas. When going to the streets, not to say it is urban but has spaciousness, which is very good. The sky also looks large. However, when entering the streets a little, it is rustic or quiet, it is true I can be relaxed very much for some reasons. I think personally that it is very good for the feeling that urban and rural, quiet and dynamic just fuse in.
View of Horikawa Kitaoji Street

This is Horikawa Kitaoji Street in my neighborhood. Look at this blue sky. It feels great.

A quiet street in Kyoto City

This is a quiet street in my neighborhood. Good kids have to stop at this sign.

In addition, I feel it attractive that there are no high-rise buildings. High-rise buildings make void of the landscapes there, and make us feel much suffocation because the sky looks narrow. However, there is no such in Kyoto City. Thanks for this, the landscapes themselves keep their attractiveness and the sky remains large forever. This is very good.
I think I can always spend the time being relaxed because of this.


One more attractiveness is that we can go almost anywhere by subway and City bus.
It helps us a lot. It has much merit for me who like to spend outside, if say which, that I can go everywhere in the city with subway and city bus if I don’t have a car. On the contrary, I think that it is inconvenient to drive in Kyoto City many times.

Although I have lived in Kyoto City for long, I feel, at least, that it has just comfort to live. Therefore, I rarely think that I want to live in somewhere else Kyoto City.




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