Runaway scenes and outrageous expressions are included in this story.

Clip art of a sitting delinquent

In Kyoto, sometime Meiji era. I don’t think so although people in the world are on the spree about civilization, stupid guy! There have been big white noppos who are having everything their own way as if here is their own (They are not foreign people. There are such aliens) and I made a surprise attack to them with iron pipe from their back saying “hey, blockhead.”

Well, by the way handguns are prevalent now, but swords aren’t defeated by it, stupid guy. What I want to tell you is that I went to the blacksmith who are making the legendary sword. I found then that he was forging a sword in Boiler Room. I asked why and he told me that his workplace was blown out with dynamite by the conspiracy of the white noppos. And he was abducted and forced labor. I’ll laugh at all. What? You don’t know why he is forging a sword in Boiler Room, stupid guy! I don’t know either. Don’t ask me why!! What? It is impossible to forge a sword in Boiler Room. It’s possible to forge a sword simply. With a mallet, it feels like Kin Kong Kang♪ Well, there is no special reason at all.

Listen to other than this. I was actually applied for duel by the blockhead I made a surprise attack just before. He will fight with gun so I thought I would fight with a sword so I went to the blacksmith. He gave his sword away to me like letting it go unfriendly as if he doesn’t have any interest in his sword. Therefore, after the duel, I went to hit him.


Clip art of man shouting

“Now, look here, this bastard. What is this sword? It can’t be used for battle at all. What do you think I am, this stupid guy? I bought it with 100 million yen since you said it is the legendary sword. I got ashamed because of this. I hate you who let me buy this kind of rags. What the legend it is, give me back my money! What!? There is nothing left because I used all money with gamble. Quit fucking around, this bastard!! Oh yeah. Then, it’s okay. Remember, this bastard.”

Because I was so crazy, next day, with 100 of my servants accompanied I made the bastard sloppy and took him around 1000 km on motorcycle, hung him up on a tree had his permanent teeth pulled out. All with pliers. And to the final blow, I made the bastard hung upside down on the pedestrian bridge after I made him be in one pair of underpants. It serves you right, stupid guy.
What? You said there were motorbikes in Meiji era? It’s my invention, so they are existed.
What? You said there was a pedestrian bridge in Meiji era? Look it out by yourself, stupid guy!!
But please listen to me, the bastard I made hung up upside down had a dirty a pair of underpants. It is because it had big stool in it.




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