This is the story in one era, in one country and in one city.

“Well, you, two please say a word of pledge to the Buddha. The Buddha is certainly celebrating the departure of you two. All Bodhisattva and all Tenjin-sama will protect you in all your life.”

On that day of April 8, big wedding was conducted in one temple in the city. It seems to be a new style of wedding different from usual Buddhist altar marriage. I hear that one temple and the company which produce a wedding are collaborating together. A bride who became a flower bride and wore a kimono walking along the beautifully colored lotus flower arrangement that continue from the temple gate while delicate gagaku is played. And she goes to the place where the bridegroom is waiting in front of the Buddha that is enshrined in the main hall and is magnificently magnificent. The flower road is like a bridge that connects between world of worldly desires (the real world of annoyance) and Bodhi world (sanctuary of paradise). The bride passes through the bridge and move to the sanctuary where the Buddha is there from the real world. And the two bow each other that they are going to live together in front of the Buddha that is enshrined in the main hall in the paradise world that appeared in this world, under a mediation of a monk. And after they signs a contract at the Sanctuary of the Pure Land of Sukhavati, they will return to the world of worldly desires from there again.

Diagram of Paradise ⇔ Hwadu ⇔ the world of vexation (the real world)




The wedding is named as “marriage wedding” derived from the “connection” that connects the Buddha. The Buddha, it is the great existence that envelops everything that is living in this world with great mercy and salve it. It is the great existence that leads people with wisdom as hard as Kongo. By connecting with the Buddha, people have participated in the teachings of the Buddha and have gained materialistic and mental salvation.

Diagram of people who give the Buddha's teachings


Connecting with the Buddha at a wedding, a prayer is included in it that the Buddha will protect the two by its power eternally. Protecting the two taking every possible form, when you get sick and when you get healthy in this world. Leading the two to the salvation taking the form of a doctor when you get sick or taking the form of a teacher when you study something. And leading the two to the paradise after their death. Marriage application with such prayer details is first read aloud by the monk. As a proof of majestic of Buddha statue and welcoming the bride and the groom as Buddhist disciples.

At the moment when they make a connection with the Buddha, it is okay to say that the two people who are going to get married soon are surrounded by that great mercy. Because all existences in this world is a form of Buddha changing appearance according to the time. Actually, all existences are Buddha. The two recognize it and make a bow to the Buddha. And under the protection of it, they pledge to walk together.

“Will you pledge to live and support each other when they get sick and when they get healthy.”
“We’ll pledge it.”

All of us, all of the existences can never exist by itself. We are all creating one peaceful world by supporting and making use of each other.

The couple live recognizing and esteeming the positions, abilities, and wills of each other and supporting each other.

Not thinking that you only are great. Such thought is nothing more than a delusion. Such thing cannot be existed.

This wedding, marriage wedding is also the ritual that they participate in the protection of Buddha and pledge to live esteeming each other and humbly.


Please give them a permanent guardianship. Please, give them a permanent happiness.
Please give them Buddhist matchmaking in the future.
And please give them connection in paradise even in the afterlife.

Clip art of monk

After the prayer of this monk, the bride and groom exchange their ring. And under the protection of the Buddha, they bow to support each other in this world, achieve paradise together in the afterlife, and to live together with Buddha.

In this way, gagaku is played magnificently, fragrance pours down from heaven, and people gathering at the wedding celebrate the departure of the bride and groom together.
These people also are given unlimited merit by Buddha.

People celebrating the bride and groom

Finally, this story is not actual story. It is a fiction I wrote based on Buddhism.




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