At that time, the couple finally witnessed the miracle!!

Oh!! Look at that, Asako!! My mother has returned to us!!
Well, how touching it is!… Oh, oh oh!!

Illustration of two inspiring people
Everyone, we are very impressed now. Because my mother has returned from paradise Jodo. In order to save us all. Well, let’s welcome by everyone!

Namu Amida Butsu! Welcome back, mom!!

Pishaaaa!! Don!!


♪Te~re Tere ~~~♪

Clip art of mom


Shuji, Akira, I love you, it’s me~~!!

Well, I’m happy to meet you again. Dear my cute children. Today, I have a souvenir for you. It is that I was able to get stuck in Sukhavati Jodo, “the true teachings of Jodo”, and that I am able to teach you about Jodo Shinshu. Your mother has returned to do this. Well, if you listen to this story, you will get ease. Listen carefully my appreciative story.

RaRaRa Jodo♪ RaRaRa Shinshu♪ RaRaRaRa~~~♬




Jodo Shinshu, it is the thought that a monk called Shinran saint (1173-1262) opened in 1200s in Kamakura era (1192-1333) I think you already know this.

Illustration of Shinran Shonin

This person is Shinran saint.

To tell what thought it is, to say in a word, it is the thought of “bad people positive causes, other power application” (There are several other theories.) My loved teacher was telling in the past that bad people positive causes is the way of thinking that “all of us realize that we are villains of equality in the last years, and the villain who entrusted himself to Amida, understanding Amida Buddha’s application can contribute to the true salvation.” To explain what it means, first, however hard we make efforts by our own power, we can’t eventually discard attachment to self and desires. Therefore, we cannot escape from hesitation, suffering, annoyance that are brought from desires and attachment by no means. Everyone is the being that do anything in some occasions. Therefore, we all cannot escape from becoming a guilty and guilty villain equally in this world.

Illustration of a bad guy covered in money

We all are the guilty and guilty beings that live with sadness that cannot be separated from bad karma on our back. Therefore, Amida Buddha sincerely mercies on it and vowed to save us with great mercy. Without throwing away anyone, and equally. This is Amida Buddha’s application.

All of us who are equally wicked in this world

We are villains of end-of-life equality. Therefore, Amida Buddha sincerely mercies on it and vowed to save us all. The villains who entrust to Amida Buddha by understanding this application can contribute to true salvation. Amida Buddha vowed to save silly us all. So, it always snuggles up to us and always calls on us. The power of that call is other power. When we entrust to Amida Buddha, it means we entrust to the calls from Amida Buddha.



Kyou: there is a teaching that leads to comfort.
Gyou: there are unreasonable and natural calls from Amida Buddha that says you should believe the teaching.
Shin: believing it.
Shou: reaching the border of comfort. This is Jodo Ojo.


This is the very easy explanation of the thought of “Kyougyoushinshou” which is the Jodo Shinshu’s scriptures that Shinran saint presented. This is what one my adoring teacher told me. What the person states:

The point is not to look up and work hard, relying solely on one’s own strength to achieve one’s goals. On the contrary, we must look down and live with the awareness that we ourselves are being kept alive by the relationships among all things. You must realize that you are already in salvation, and how grateful you are, and bow down to that relationship to live. In the process, we come into contact with the teachings of all things (the way of life, the way of thinking, the way of things), become aware of the path they have lived, and are guided to a new way of life.

We think that Amida Buddha is actually everything including humans. The everything presents us important thoughts naturally without any measure. We receive the thought and take a new path.


Humans ⇔ birds, animals, fish, and shellfish ⇔ mountains, rivers, plants, and trees ⇔ everything else

For example, do you have an experience like this? Although you think about this and that desperately to solve a problem when encountering it you can’t come up with good solution to it completely. However hard you think about it, it is the repeated rounds. When you think oh no, the road opens at once, by a word that someone casually said. The someone only said a word naturally not because he or she tried to advise you. This is the natural calling without any measure. At least I think so, but how about the monk of Jodo Shinshu?

Clip art of woman who was inspired

Jodo Shinshu: “the true thought of Jodo” is nothing more than entrusting yourself to the voice of Amida Buddha and living in this world. By throwing of relying only one’s own power, and living entrusting yourself to the unlimited light of Yata.



Amida Buddha is everything that exists in this world. They are always telling sinful us the way for salvation without any measure. When you noticed it, oh you are (already) in the salvation. The word that comes out naturally in your mouth when you think how appreciative it is the prayer to Amitabha called “Namu Amida Butsu”

“Namu” means entrusting yourself. Namu Amida Butsu” means entrusting yourself in the unlimited light of Yata.

It is the word of appreciation from the heart that says “oh Amida, I believe you and entrust all of myself to you.

This is how I am in the state of Buddha with this in mind. Well, let’s do this together!

Oh, we are (already) in the salvation. How appreciative it is!

Gassho! Oh, Namu Amida Butsu. Oh!!


Clip art of Buddha

I now, by the power of the true desire of the Buddha I will achieve rebirth and attain Buddhahood.

I have returned from Jodo rewarded for the true application now and am going to turn around the winning merit.

And I’ll salve everything from the sufferings.


These references are what told me about Jodo Shinshu. They are very good books. Please read them♪

“Tannishou” proofreading and annotation by Daiei Kaneko (Published in 1931 by Iwaba Shoten)
“Tannisho with modern translation” proofreading and annotation by Jouryu Chiba
(Published in 2001 by Kadokawa Gakugei Shuppan)
“View of good people and bad people of Shinran” written by Masayuki Taira
(Shinran and the era” published in 2001 by Hozokan)
“Shinshugaku and disability studies – in order to construct new points of view to capture disability and independence- “written by Tsunenobu Yoritaka. (Published in 2015 by Seikatsu Shoin”.
Mr. Yoritaka capture “all seniors who have lived with their disabilities” as Amida Buddha from the viewpoint of welfare for people with disabilities. Your mother interpreted the existence of Amida Buddha as “everything” while I was practicing the other power based on the thought of Jodo Shinshu presented by Mr. Yoritaka.

I talked about the thought of Jodo Shinshu in the above although I am immature, but how was that?




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