This is Kurama Tengu.( ̄▽ ̄)b

I think when it comes to taking photos of shrines or temples, whether someone prefer season of cherry blossoms or autumn leaves season is where tastes are devided. Although both must be superb views, I individually think that autumn leaves season is greater shooting season. This is because each autumn leave has different color tone. In case of cherry blossom, The photos look same whichever trees I take photos of as the same Yoshino cherry trees run along long. This, however, in the case of autumn leaves, there is a wide variety such as trees with gradation that is not completely dyed red, beautifully dyed trees, slightly scattered trees, trees dyed yellow.

Cherry blossoms at Ninna-ji Temple

Autumn leaves at Kiyomizu Temple


Then, when is the best season for autumn leaves? It is difficult to judge. In the first half of season for autumn leaves, the season is with partially completely dyed red tree, we might take photos of a lot of undyed trees if we take a wide-angle to shot of the entire landscape, so we take the way to cut out and shot only dyed trees.

On the other hand, from the season for autumn leaves in full bloom to final stage of them, the sight of autumn leaves that have begun to fall accumulating on the ground looking like red carpets would stand out, we can take good pictures with a lot of dyed red trees if we take a wide-angle shot the entire landscape. Although the fall foliage looks withered when being taken up, which is a bit disappointing, it has advantages and disadvantages.

Well, whether it is cherry blossom or autumn leaves, famous places where hundreds or thousands of them are planted in one place basically need viewing fee, but when going to there at the best time, they look really beautiful and give us high satisfaction, how about visiting such places with camera or smart phone in one hand if your schedule can be adjusted.(^_^)/




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