This is Kurama Tengu.( ̄▽ ̄)b

The Jidai Maturi is taking place today. Because the event is taking place on Monday this year the day is hard day for workers to go and see it.

Actually, my older sister have participated in this Jidai Maturi, I remember that she was on Joseon Tongsinsa’s car. At that time, I also chased festival procession and take photos of my older sister as much as I could. It seems that the photo album became good souvenir for my older sister. (^_^)

I think that my older sister could participate in Jidai Maturi at that time because there was a connection of women association that my mother belonged to at that time. My older sister was nominated for the reason she had straight long hair by chance. I think there are various reason for the selection, but she was lucky at that time.


Jidai Maturi procession departs from Kyoto Imperial Palace South Gate and reaches to Heian shrine at the end, I think highlights are the departure point of Kyoto Imperial Palace, and to wait for the procession to come forestalling from there to Heian shrine, which is wonderful way to see it I am considering. Although it is not as flashy as Gion Festival, the looks of every beautiful contume of festival participants greatly stand out, so I had a enjoyable time to appreciate it with camera in one hand.

By the way, there are a lot of tourist attractions that you can enjoy such as Kyoto city art museum, Kyoto national modern museum, and Kyoto city zoos near Heian Shrine the end point of Judai Maturi, so I think you might be able to enjoy more if you visit these places.




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