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Uji Shrine

Uji Shrine is a shrine located in Ujiyamada, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture. It is paired with the adjacent Ujigami Shrine. Deity of the Uji Shrine is Ujinowakiiratsukonomikoto.

It is opposite the Byodo-in Temple opposite the river.(Please note that the approach path is easy to make a mistake.) Autumnal leaves are colored in the late autumn season, when we visit together with the Byodoin and the nearby Ujigami Shrine, there is a certain sense of accomplishment.

In this shrine there is a circle of ear of rice plant that is the circle of wisdom of the god of learning. It is said that by going through this circle, we can live a wonderful life with fruitful wisdom.


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Photographer: Taisuke Yamada


Location 〒611-0021 1 Uji Yamada, Uji City, Kyoto
Telephone TEL 0774-21-3041
FAX 0774-24-3901
Entrance fee Free
Usual viewing season

Early April

red leaves
Mid-late November


Keihan Uji Line
Approx. 5 minutes walk from “Uji” station

JR Nara Line
Approx. 10 minutes walk from “Uji” station

Keihan Bus
5 minutes walk from “Keihan Uji” bus stop.

Approximately 5 minutes from the Uji-Higashi IC of the Keiji Bypass

Parking lot 35 cars ¥700/day (open 9:00-17:00)
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Ujigami Shrine

Ujigami Shrine is a shrine in Ujiyamada, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, and it is paired with the Uji shrine in the vicinity.

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