I found it. This. I finally found it!

two-storied pagoda

The Dabotou, a pagoda of paradise that the Buddhist sutra tells us is here now.

The grand truth of the “Lotus Sutra” is manifested here, too.
The legend was right, after all.

Decades have passed since my fateful encounter with the Lotus Sutra. I have traveled to several different worlds in search of the legend of the Pagoda of Paradise, the Many Treasures Pagoda described there. Finally, in January, 2023, I witnessed the legend in Kyoto, the capital of the Far Eastern country of Zipangu.

The historical city of Kyoto, located in Zipangu, has a surprisingly large number of temples. And in the sanctuaries (precincts) of some of the temples that exist there, the legendary stupas, the Many Treasures Pagoda taught in the “Lotus Sutra” has appeared.

“If we accumulate good deeds in accordance with our status, abilities, and financial resources, we will surely be released from the suffering of this world and a path will open for us to the world of ease, equally for everyone.”

To prove the correctness of the teachings of the Lotus Sutra in the past, present, and future and continue to save all beings forever.

The Treasures Pagoda, it is the huge pagoda of seven treasures that emerged from the earth and hung in the sky when the Buddha was preaching the Lotus Sutra to all beings on Mount Yeongchwang in India.

This tower is so huge, with a height of 500 yuans (14,000 km) and width of 250 yuans (7,000 km), that it is the earth’s or rather, not the earth’s largest tower.
It represents the true appearance of the entire universe.

In other words, this earth, and this universe, is the Many Treasures Pagoda itself. Wonderful!

A multi-purpose pagoda located at the center of the whole universe

And within this is seated the Many-Provided-Buddha, who in the past heard the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, put them into practice, and became a Buddha. The Many-Provided-Buddha, together with a large pagoda adorned with seven treasures, gushed forth from the earth before the Buddha, who was preaching the Lotus Sutra to all beings on Mount Reijoshi, and as soon as it seemed as if the sky was high above him, he uttered a loud voice and praised the Buddha from the bottom of his heart.

That you have said well, well said, Shakyamuni Buddha, all the teachings of the Lotus Sutra that you have preached are true.


The Buddha explained the reason why the treasure pagoda appeared now in this way.

“The Many-Provided-Buddha is a Buddha from the country of Baojing in the east. When this Buddha was a practicing bodhisattva, he made a vow to prove the correctness of the “Lotus Sutra” by making his stupa appear wherever the “Lotus Sutra” was preached.”
Therefore, upon entering nirvana, the Many-Treasures-Buddha instructed the bhikkhus (male ordained practitioners), “If you wish to make offerings to me, build a large stupa.” And since then, as per his vow, they have appeared wherever the “Lotus Sutra” is preached to prove the correctness of the “Lotus Sutra”.
The present phenomenon is exactly the same, and the Many-Provided-Buddha appears here to listen to the “Lotus Sutra” and to prove the correctness of the “Lotus Sutra”.

On behalf of the audience, a Bodhisattva named Maharakshasa made the following statement to the Buddha.

“That I would very much like to see the great Many-Treasures-Buddha.”

Hearing this, Shakyamuni thoroughly cleansed the world of impurities three times in order to meet the request of the Bodhisattvas, and gathered all of his alter egos (those who practice the teachings of the Lotus Sutra in various places) scattered throughout the world and universe at Mount Reijoshi where the treasure stupa appeared.

Buddha's alter ego Buddha gathered in front of the multi-temple pagoda on Mt.Ryoju

Finally, the door of the great stupa was opened, and the Many-Treasures-Buddha seated in the stupa shared a half-seat for the Buddha, and the two Buddhas sat side by side in the stupa.

Shakyamuni Buddha and Dabodhisattva seated side by side in the Dabodhi Pagoda.

In the huge Many-Treasured-Stupa.

・The Many-Provided-Buddha, the Buddha in the past, the Dharma-body Buddha (the Buddha whose body is the teachings of the Lotus Sutra),
・and the Shakyamuni Buddha (the Buddha who has attained enlightenment through practice and wisdom), the present Buddha, sit side by side.

At this moment, one great truth is being presented to all!

That the Buddha had actually become a Buddha a long time ago, and had continued to preach his teachings equally to all beings, including humans, from the distant past to the present.

The eternal and immortal Buddha who combines teaching and wisdom in this way is called the Buddha of Kuon Jitujo.

The teachings of the Lotus Sutra are indeed preached by this Kuon Jitujo Buddha and save us all, past, present, and future, forever and ever.

The Buddha Shakyamuni, who now preached the teachings of the Lotus Sutra and guided people, was actually the Buddha Ojimbutu, the Buddha who appeared in physical form in response to people’s requests.

The legend of this magnificent “Lotus Sutra” is by no means pictorial. It is an undeniably true story. I have certainly seen the legend now, here in Kyoto, the capital of Zipangu.
In several temples in Kyoto (Honbo-ji Temple, Jojakkoji Temple, Eikando Temple, and others), the ManyTreasures Pagodas that emerged from the ground continue to exist today.

To prove the correctness of the teachings in the past, present, and future and to continue to save all things forever.




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