How are you, everybody? This is Defeated Warrior. When I was talking about the deity of Yasaka Shrine, Susanoo, the first deity of Japan, Amaterasu Omikami came up so often that I felt compelled to introduce you to former Ise, where Amaterasu Omikami is enshrined in Kyoto.

Kyoto has always been a basin, and there is a custom that a shy Kyoto girl would find it difficult to cross the mountains of the basin (I am both inclined to protect such a person and to look at the wider world). Shrines of the main gods of Japanese mythology and temples are built in the Kyoto basin as if to preserve Kyoto’s traditions.

There are churches of Christ, and I believe that Kyoto in the 21st century is contributing to the world by keeping its traditions alive in the world.

In such a situation, Izumo Grand Shrine, which enshrines the famous Okuninushi no Mikoto, is located in Kameoka, a little northwest across the mountains from Kyoto’s Go board, and further northwest from there is the former Ise Shrine, where the deity Amaterasu is enshrined , in Fukuchiyama.

Originally, “Ookami-sama” was the name of the deity Amaterasu, according to tradition.


Well, let’s talk about the subsequence.

Amaterasu Omikami and Susanoo decided to have a ukehi (a contest of strength to see which oath is right) across the Yasukawa River in heaven.

First, Amaterasu Omikami poured the Ten-fist sword by Susanno into the heavenly Mannai to purify it, broke it into three pieces, bit it, crushed it, and blew on it. Then, Takirihime-sama, also known as Okitushima-hime, was born, who is one of the princesses of Okuninushi no Kami, the deity enshrined at Izumo Taisha Shrine.

Next, her younger sister, Ichikishima-hime-sama, now enshrined at Itukushima Shrine in Hiroshima, was born, although she was the wife of Oyamakuji-sama of Matuo Taisha Shrine, and was the deity of the shrine.

After that the youngest sister, Tagituhime-sama, was born.

These three goddesses are enshrined at the shrines mentioned above, but especially at Munakata Taisha Shrine in Kyushu. And as the goddesses of the sea, they are identified with Benten, an incarnation of Benzaiten.

Well, next story is at next article.

To be continued.

From my sword, three goddesses were born.




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