The first chapter: a new departure

“Come on, Ren, hold still.”

I, Oyu, am now combing Ren’s hair in Koro-kan. This comb is the only memento my deceased mother left to me. Ever since my mother passed away, I have carried this comb with me at all times. Rainy days, windy days, hard times, and times when I feel like falling apart. I felt as if my mother, who was always kind to me, was always nearby watching over me. And now, using that comb, which has been my precious talisman at all times, I am in the process of cleaning Ren, whom I love like a little sister. Ren is also very important to me, because she is the one who protects me.

“Well, I finished this. Next, I’ll do your hair.”

When I was wandering on the verge of death from illness at Rajomon, when I was still in a state of unhealed illness at Koro-kan, it was you, Ren, who took care of me and supported me with great effort. I was really grad about that. Thank you. So in return for that a least, I will make you beautiful with all my heart.

Of course, I am alive today not because of Ren alone. Kuya, who embraced my battered and broken heart and even fed me with food obtained from begging in Higashi City. And with the support of his good friend Rensei, as well as those who made offerings to Kuya and Rensei at the city, I am able to live today. On one occasion, Kuya was taking care of me in Koro-kan, and while he was doing so, he said to me with tears streaming down his face.

Every person living in Higashi City now, as it is, has become a Bodhisattva and is supporting me and you. I am really grad about that. After all, there is no discrimination or distinction in this world. They are all equal, living in the present moment as bodhisattvas, supporting each other in their own ways and in their own positions. What else could be more gratifying?


I heard that was what Kuya’s teacher, Amida Buddha, and his diciples taught him. Now that I have wandered the edge of death and have been able to return life from it, I too realize from the bottom of my heart that the teachings were true.

People in Higashi City, Kuya, Rensei, and my lovely Ren. All those people became Bodhisattvas and the main body of Bodhisattvas, Amida Buddham and they kept my life alive.


“It’s done. Ren, look at this.”

After combing Ren’s hair and tying it up, I handed her a hand mirror.
“How is it?”
Ren, on the mirror looks very beautiful. Skin that was previously dark with grime now glowed white and had a slight blush on the cheeks. Her hair, which had been shaggy, was well combed and tied back with a string to keep it neatly in place.
“Wow, beautiful.”
Ren has a really joyful expression on her face after looking at her appearance which reborn.
“Thank you, sister.”
Ren turned to me and thanked me with a big smile. Seeing that makes me happy too. There, Ren is no longer what she was called the “stained child.” There was Ren, reborn as Amida Buddha herself, the “Amida child” who supports me and all people.
“You’re welcome.”
I was happy again, too and gave a sincere smile to the reborn Ren.

“Come on, Ren, let’s go. It’s the beginning of a new journey.”

Ren also responded to me cheerfully. With full of smile on her face.
lotus flower

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