Nice to meet you, the readers.

My name is “Sazanami Umino” and I have been working as a data entry worker at the “Employment Support Center Shishin” since last month.
My name sounds feminine, but I’m just an uncle in my mid-30, (smile)
Please do me a favor!

Now, I am not a “Kyoto person”, but an “Awami person”, that is, a resident of Shiga Prefecture.

It is a bit strange that a resident of Shiga Prefecture writes a “Kyoto people’s blog”, but Kyoto and Shiga are neighbors! Otu, the prefectural capital, is just a stone throw from Kyoto!
It takes only about 30 minutes or more from my area by the new rapid train, so I have been going to Kyoto often since I was a child.

Then I thought, “What is my fondest memory of Kyoto?” and the first thing that came to my mind was the “Toei Movie Village” in Ukyo district.

Kyoto Uzumasa Movie Village


As a child, I often watched period dramas under the influence of my grandfather and father. Among them, my favorite was “Mito Komon”, which is very familiar to Eiga-mura.

So, when I first visited there, I was so excited, thinking “Wow! Mito Komon.” I still remember how excited I was to see “Tobizaru”, my favorite character at the time (even though he was not supposed to be there).

And my favorite scene in a period drama is, above all, Chambara! So Umino boy, who had a strong longing for “swords” anyway, always bought some kind of sword whenever he went to the movie village (what are you doing buying so many swords, Umino boy?)

Japanese sword figurine

And I used to eat ramen at “Ramen Kiraku” for lunch.

Kiraku's Ramen

For some reason, the ramen eaten in that worldview was strangely delicious … (No, it was delicious even without the worldview!)

I have completely stopped going as an adult, but now that I am in my thirties, going there again may give me a different sense of enjoyment as I felt when I was a child.

So, this is my first blog. Please look warmly at Kyoto people’s blog written by a Shiga Prefecture resident!

See you later.




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