What is shown in the road of Buddhist Laws is the sacred biography of the “Great Nyoraizo Jodo”.

This sacred biography is the foundation of political and economical activities and also the mental pillar for all that live in Padma that shares this sacred biography.

The teachings shown in this sacred biography are, to say in a word like this.

“At the center of the Dharma Realm (the entire universe) is the Dharma-body Buddha (the Buddha whose body is the teachings), Sakyamuni Buddha, who embraces us all by teaching us the various teachings of the Buddha.”

The Dharma-body Sakyamuni (the center of the entire universe) = the fundamental existence which shaped the world of Buddhism.

Sakyamuni Buddha as the Dharma-body Buddha (the Buddha whose body is the teachings), seated at the center of the entire universe.

The society in which we share the teachings of the Buddha and live together and support each other through the wisdom and mercy.

Diagram of the Buddhist Earth This body is the body of the Buddha, and the earth is the Buddha's earth. On the Buddha's earth, the flower of teachings such as the Four Sacred Truths taught by the Buddha first bloomed, and then the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, who inherited these teachings, created various Buddhist teachings such as the Kegon and Tendai sects on the Buddha's earth. After the flower of teachings bloomed, lotus sanctuaries were created by dividing each land, and these sanctuaries and teachings coexist with each other by offering various perspectives without being in conflict with each other.

The Dharma-body Sakyamuni who is sitting at the center of the entire universe. This Sakyamuni is descending on the living world having changed its appearance to various Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and anything else to save us. Therefore, the Buddhas in each Buddhist land is this Sakyamuni who has changed its appearance in order to lead all of us.


The Buddhism; all of it originated from the teachings of Sakyamuni.

From there, through the activities of various Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who inherited the Buddha’s sense (will, will, will), various flowers of the Buddha’s teachings bloomed.
At the center of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, regardless of they are aware or not, is always the sense of Sakyamini. This sense is just the Dharma-body Sakyamuni.

So, all Buddhism are created for the first time there was the sense of this Sakyamuni. Therefore, in all Buddhism, the sense of Sakyamuni is flowing at their bottoms.

Diagram of the Development of Buddhism The teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni gave rise to the various schools of Buddhism that followed. Primitive Buddhism, the various schools of Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, and Japanese Buddhism, to name a few. All of them have the Buddha's sense of the Buddha at the root of their teachings.

Therefore, all Buddhism is connected to Sakyamuni Buddha, and all Buddhism ultimately returns to Sakyamuni Buddha.

Sakyamuni Buddha as the Dharma-body Buddha (the Buddha whose body is the teachings), seated at the center of the entire universe.

Therefore, all Buddhism, all beings generated from there are integrated to Sakyamuni; the Dharma-body sitting at the center of the entire universe (the Buddha whose body is the teachings).

Therefore, the entire universe, and the earth is the body of Sakyamuni, and we all are living being enveloped with great mercy of Sakyamuni. All events in this world are the ones, in fact, this Sakyamuni works its wisdoms, makes a call that is spontaneous without design for us and generates as skillful means of leading us to a peaceful enlightenment.

The Dharma-body Buddha, the Buddha who sits at the center of the entire universe and whose body is the eternal and immortal teachings.

This Sakyamuni is descending on the living world having changed its appearance to various Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and anything else to save us. Sometime as Amida Buddha, and other time as Mahavairocana. And the other time, as Sakyamuni Buddha. All is for “to save all things, transcending all discrimination”.

And now, with Sakyamuni who is the origin of all and sits at the center of dharmakaya (the entire universe) as a Dharma body, the flower of White Lotus Buddhism (lotus sanctuary) is in full bloom on the earth, and the world of earthly paradise is realized.
Great lotus flowers blooming in the paradise on earth

People who live in the earthly paradise land, Padma share these world views…

・First of all, cherishing the teachings of the Four Sacred Truths, non-self, etc. , the Buddha taught.
・Holding in their hearts the teaching of Kegon, “All things support each other and make use of each other to create a single world.”
・All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas existing in this world-the beings that Dharma-body Sakyamuni has changed its appearance- make a spontaneous without design call, so that we believe the teachings to reach the ease. Have the thought that “we believe in the teachings, we are suddenly reminded of what is important, and we are led down a new path” a support.
・In each sanctuary, supported by the teachings of each Buddha, we advance together with all things, accumulating good deeds as bodhisattvas, the saviors of this world.

One. The paradise Jodo enveloped with the Great Buddha’s compassion- Dharma Realm Sacred Tithing the Great Nyoraizo Jodo- (complete)




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