“Well, here we are.”
“Wow, it’s large.”
Under a clear blue sky, Ren looks at the lofty building and lets out an exclamation of admiration.

It has a grand entrance to the south facing Shichijo Oji, welcoming all comers with open arms.

And beyond the gate, a tall building with a tiled roof still stands there quietly and majestically, even though it has become quite old.
A large bird chirps loudly, announcing the arrival of a messenger coming from across the sea. The hall of fame, crowned with the two Chinese characters for “Koro” with such meaning, now stands towering before our eyes as a towering landmark.

A lot of people bustling around.

―“Then I have just the place for them.”―

That was when I, Kuya, was reunited with my good friend Rensei in Higashi city. There is a sick woman who is lying in agony at Rajomon and I want to help her somehow. Is there a place where they can spend their time in peace and not at the gates of the wide?
Rensei, who heard that story, said to me after thinking a while.

I have just the place for them.

“Really, where is that?”
“It’s Koro-kan. It’s just a little bit west of here.”


It was once a guesthouse built in the capital to entertain envoys of the Balhae Kingdom coming from across the sea.
Images coming from across the sea

In the old days when it was in contact with Balhae, there were various interaction between leading scholars and literary figures and Balhae’s envoys such as poetry exchanges, and it functioned as a window to the world.

However, after the fall of the Balhae Kingdom a few years ago (in the 4th year of Encho (926), its role ended, and the entire building is said to be abandoned.

Although it’s old, I thought it would be safe and sheltered from the wind and rain there.


That is why we are now in front of Koro-kan.

Passing the Rajomon Gate, the southern entrance to the capital, we proceed a little north on Suzaku-oji Avenue, which runs north-south through the center of the capital, and come to Shichijo-oji Avenue. Then, right in front of the Hall of Fame, towering to the left.

We are now here with the sick woman who was lying in Rajomon, her sister Ren, and the big white dog Kotaro in the cart.

“Kuya, hurry up!”
Ren who got off the cart calls out to me in great excitement. Her face no longer had the black, dirty grime that had covered her entire surface. Instead, I saw yellow skin glowing and shimmering.

Well, let’s go.

I looked at Koro-kan, which rose beneath the blue sky, alongside my good friend Rensei.

And there.

Above the Koro-kan, a canopy of cloudless blue sky. There, brilliant sunlight illuminates us. As if it is welcoming our arrival.

Sunlight shining from the blue sky

The sky, the sunlight, are you also praising us? Are you protecting us?

I was surrounded by an air of serenity, and I quietly clasped my hands together and murmured in praise of it in my mouth.

Kuya's image

“Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu. Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu.”

Basking in the light of mercy that pours down on all the earth and illuminates the way of every traveler.

“Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu. Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu.”

Thank you, the sky, the earth. Thank you.

“Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu. Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu.”

“The sixth play, under the traveling sky” (complete)




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